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Top 20 Songs about the Color Green

The best songs about the color green. Cool green chart toppers by Sugarloaf, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Paul Simon and more.

The color green is the most celebrated and "sung" color in music. Even more than red or blue, green gets the gold. It's the most soothing color to the eye, known to relax people, so I guess songwriters are naturally drawn to it. It seems Green is an easy way to top the charts. Assembled here are the best hit songs about the color green.

1 - Everything's Gone Green (1981) New Order, the smoothest dance song about green.
2 - Green-Eyed Lady (1970) by Sugarloaf, a chart-topping 70s hit about jealousy.
3 - Velvet Green (1977) Jethro Tull from the green album "Songs from the Wood"
4 - That Green Gentleman (2008) by Panic! At the Disco with a great music video to accompany it.
5 - Green Tambourine (1968) by the Lemon Pipers, a classic #1 psychedelic pop song
6 - Green Eyes (2007) by Cold Play
7 - Another Green World (1975) by Brian Eno
8 - Emerald (1976) by Thin Lizzy
9 - Green River (1969) by CCR Creedance Clearwater Revival
10 - Acres Wild (1978) by Jethro Tull from another green album, "Heavy Horse"
11 - Green Christmas (2000) Barenaked Ladies from the Grinch remake soundtrack
12 - Little Green (1971) Joni Mitchell
13 - Green is the Color (1969) Pink Floyd from the trippy movie "More" and from Oblivion.
14 - Turquoise (1965) by Donovan
15 - Green Grow the Rushes (1985) R.E.M.
16 - Bitter Green (1968) by Gordon Lightfoot
17 - Little Green Jacket (1971) from that lovable cartoon band, the Archies
18 - Grass is Green (2003) Nelly Furtada
19 - Leaves That Are Green (1965) Paul Simon
20 - Green Circles (1967) by Small Faces, Rod Stewart's former band,

Greensleeves is the best instrumental song about the emerald tinted color.

Bonus Track 1: Green Flower Street by Donald Fagen of Steely Dan
Bonus Track 2: Green Light by American Breed

That's more of the color green than you can handle in one song set. Set the color wheel in motion, and move on (head phones intact).

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