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Five new Science Fiction Books not to be missed

This year brought some excellent new releases in to the science fiction community. Below are listed the top 5 ranked new Sci-fi books that should not be missed in 2019.  All of these are available in ebook and paperback as of this article's writing.

Top 20 Space Opera Novels: Sci-fi Books in Outer Space

The best science fiction novels in outer space, these are the best books that take us up above the clouds and into the stars. Here are the Top 20 Space Operas in novel format:

Top 20 Science Fiction Books on the Ground and not in Space

The best sci-fi novels on planets, as opposed to space. Most of these are on Earth, but in any case the planet is grounded, and very little space travel is involved. Unlike most sci-fi books, these books take you to strange and wonderful places "under" the stars, here on the ground. The Top 20 ground-level science fiction books:

Best Sci-Fi Movie Taglines

The best and most memorable sci-fi movie taglines that appear on the official movie posters.

Top 20 Sci-Fi Movie Quotes of All Time

Some of the best and most memorable quotes from sci-fi movies for the past nine decades. Through the galaxy, a few good lines endure beyond their movies.

Top 20 Lines and Quotes from Fantasy Movies

The most memorable, and sometimes impressive, lines from Fantasy movies. Sword and sorcery, dragon and castles, magic... and a few good lines.

Top 20 Quotes from Horror Movies

The best and most memorable lines from horror movies over the past 75 years. The top 20 horror movie quotes, the best and baddest lines on the silver screen. We haven't collected them all, but here are the lines we liked most.

Best Sci-Fi Movies without Special Effects and with no CGI

The best science fiction movies that had little or no special effects, and no CGI. These movies feature compelling stories that are held together by characters and plot. These sci-fi movies are more story-driven than effects-driven.

Top Post-Apocalyptic Books of All Time

Post Apocalyptic novels have a certain appeal: survivors peeling off an existance, and sometimes fending off gruesome villains in the process.

Action Movies without Guns

Guns are a sensitive topic these days, and parents may not want to let their kids watch movies with guns in them, at least at a young age.  However, that may limit you to comedies and animations.  We all gravitate to fast action movies. So how can we find action films without guns, pistols and modern weapons? It's not easy. This was the hardest list Top2040 had to assemble.  We did manage to find a few. Action movies will always have violence, but at least these movies don't point a gun at anyone's head. The top 10 movies without guns.