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Top 20 Most Iconic Songs of the 60s psychedellic era

The 60s were wild and free, and certain songs from that decade bring that out. The late 60s brought on the Psychedellic Era, which was especially wild and iconic in itself.  Here are the top 20 pop/rock songs of the 60s, those that bring to mind the decade when those notes are first heard. These are not all the most popular, but definitely are the most iconic. There's a little bubblegum here, because it was far too trippy to ignore, but most are psyche.

The Top 20 Most Iconic Pop Songs of the 80s

 Some songs instantly bring the 80s to mind. There were a lot of good tunes in the 80s, but certain special songs personify the decade. Colored hair, spiked to the max, parachute pants and outrageous styles. There was no internet back then, but there was MTV.  These are the 20 songs that best encapsulate the 80s. The most iconic songs of the 80s.

The Top 20 Most Iconic Rock Songs of the 70s

The Top 20 Iconic Rock Songs of the 70s. These are the songs that make you think, "Ahh, yes... the 70s." The songs that remind you immediately of the decade, the songs that encapsulate what 70s rock meant. We have excluded disco songs, as there is a separate list for those (see below), and they did devour the latter part of the decade for many radio station. These are the most recognizable iconic ROCK songs of the 70s.

Best of the Longest Songs in Rock in Top 20

Long songs are rare in rock & roll. Prior 1969, most hits were about 2 and a half minutes long. In the 70s, the advent of album rock, particularly in prog rock, exploded and brought us a plethora of long tunes. To be clear, this is not a list of the longest songs in rock; this list ranks the best songs that clock in over 10 minutes long from albums that hit the charts. Out of all the long songs, these are the best. 10 minutes or longer. Here we go...

Top 20 Rock Songs About the Color Black

Colors have painted songs for years, but the un-color of black has been featured more than any other. And these songs rock. Black is the most basic of colors (other than the other un-color of white) and gets a lot of air time in pop and rock songs. Black as night, bold as rock, here are the top 20 rock songs recorded about the basic color of black.

Top 10 Military Science Fiction Novels

A military sci-fi novel is one where the emphasis is on combat and usually features members of the military as main characters. Think of it as a war novel with an SF element. The best books about war in space — military conflict against aliens on Earth or on other planets. Sci-fi novels with a military angle can be fun and cathartic, especially if the good guys win. Often filled with military jargon and ranks, interspersed with alien terms, these can be a fun trip.

Top 20 Songs about Peace

 Peace, love and harmony. It's time to get off the war train and spread some peace with the 20 best songs about peace here on Top2040 com

Top 20 Songs about War and Military Conflict

Songs about war have spun through the years, almost as common as songs about love. With so much saber rattling going on these days, invasions are always a bad thing, it's time to compile the top 20 songs about war, military conflict and invasion. War told in song. The songs are good; war is not.

Top 20 Meat Loaf songs of all time - Ultimate Meat Loaf

 Meat Loaf was an intrepid performer in the 70s, 80s, 90s and on. He passed away on January 20, 2022 and his absence is already felt. He gave us a lot of good songs, sometimes as Eddie in Rocky Horror and sometimes as himself, Meat Loaf aka Meatloaf on occasion. In collaboration with Jim Steinman, he gave us some of the longest songs with certainly the longest titles. More important, he gave us good tunes. Here are the Top2040 staff's picks for best and most influential Meat Loaf songs.

Top 20 Horror Books Made into Movies: Best Horror Screen Adaptations

While it's easy to find horror book that didn't succeed on the Big Screen, it's not so easy to find good movies that met the expectations of the book's readers. There are exceptions, and we've found some good movies based on book, some that even surpassed their novels.

Here are the Top 20 Books to Film Adaptations: 

Top 20 Sci-Fi Book to Movie Adaptations: Best Science Fiction Books to Film

The best science fiction movies adapted from books is a thin list. There are loads of bad science fiction movies adapted poorly from their brilliant novels. Loads of good sci-fi novels were made into really bad movies (or in some cases, merely mediocre movies) — too many to list here. But in this article we want to focus on the best sci-fi movies that truly captured the magic of the novels they were based on. In some cases, they even surpassed.