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Top 20 Horror Books Made into Movies: Best Horror Screen Adaptations

While it's easy to find horror book that didn't succeed on the Big Screen, it's not so easy to find good movies that met the expectations of the book's readers. There are exceptions, and we've found some good movies based on book, some that even surpassed their novels.

Here are the Top 20 Books to Film Adaptations: 

Top 20 Sci-Fi Book to Movie Adaptations: Best Science Fiction Books to Film

The best science fiction movies adapted from books is a thin list. There are loads of bad science fiction movies adapted poorly from their brilliant novels. Loads of good sci-fi novels were made into really bad movies (or in some cases, merely mediocre movies) — too many to list here. But in this article we want to focus on the best sci-fi movies that truly captured the magic of the novels they were based on. In some cases, they even surpassed.

Top 20 Songs about Science - When Science Rocks

There have been a surprising number of pop and rock songs about science and scientific themes over the years. Here are the top 20 songs about science.

Top 10 Murder Mystery Novels of All Time

Everyone loves a good mystery novel. Whodunnit? The suspense is killing me. Sitting in a cozy chair by the fireplace reading about clues and suspects is one of life's greatest joys. So, pour a caramel coffee or a glass of Merlot and get ready for our countdown of the best murder mystery novels of all time.

Top 20 Movies on a Train - Action Horror and SF movies on Trains

The best horror, science fiction and action movies that take place on a train. The Top 20 train movies.

Top 10 Best Haunted House Novels - Horror Fiction

 A haunted house is a wonderful thing in horror fiction, but only if done right. The spooky setting, the creaky stairs, the mirrors with strange images ... and don't forget the ghosts.

These are the 10 best horror novels centered around haunted houses, spooky hotels or haunted places.

Top 10 SF & Fantasy Books without Humans or Human Characters - Animals in Fiction

 Animals and creatures of all sorts can talk and carry the story as well as humans can. Some very interesting (and award-winning) books have carried their weight without the help of human hands. Here are the top 10 books without humans as the main characters. We restricted the list to books with talking animals and also to adult books (or young adult) and not children books.

Top 20 Songs About the Color Green

Green rock songs! Green is the most soothing of colors and gets its fair share of lyrical space in pop and rock songs. Green is a soothing color, the shade of nature. Here are the top 20 rock songs recorded about the passionate calming color of green. 

Top 20 Songs About the Color Red

Red rock songs! Red is the color of passion, anger and rage, so it's wonder so many songs have been sung about the color Red. Red is the color of love, some say. In that spirit, here are the top 20 rock songs recorded about the passionate color of red! 

Top 20 Songs About the Color Blue

Blue rock songs! Fun fact: more songs have been written about the color blue than any other color. Actually white edges blue out by a hair, but white isn't really a color. In that spirit, here are the top 20 rock songs recorded about the fabulous color of blue! We excluded songs about "the blues" as that doesn't really relate to the color.

Top 10 Pandemic World Ending Novels and Viral Fiction

 Now is not the best time to run a list of the Top 10 Pandemic and Virus Outbreak novels, but ... hey, when is? Let's get down to it. These are the best novels about the end of the world via some sort of pathogen. Viral post-apocalyptic calamities in what we hope are not omens of our future. No covid here, thank goodness, but there are some really nasty human bugs and viruses.