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Top Songs About Dancing and Dance Moves

Dancing, dance moves, and dancers on the dance floor are certainly a popular theme in pop songs, but even rock and ballads love the dance moves. Not only disco, but all genres of music have loads of songs about the art of dance. Here are our favorites that hit the Top 40 billbaord list, and most of them reached #1. We could consider all of these to be our number one pick, but we'll rank them anyway. Mirror ball fully included.

Pop & Rock Songs About Israel & the Middle East

In light of recent events in the middle east, here is an uplifting song list with tunes about Israel or the Middle East in general. Some of them are not directly aimed at the Middle East but certainly fit. Songs about the insanity of conflict and the need for peaceful resolution.

Best Songs about Heart Attacks & Heartbeats

 We love to sing about the heart. But what about heart attacks and irregular heartbeats? It's no fun to have a heart episode, but one staff members recently survived one and came up with this list. Our heart attack list of "heart failure" related songs in pop & rock. Live strong and stay healthy with these tunes:

Top 20 Songs for the Gay Community, LGBTQ tunes

 Acceptance is all around us, and we move forward with a lot more open minds for our friends and neighbors. Rock and pop artists have done their share to help shed the world of prejudice. Here are the Top 20 songs for the gay and lesbian community. Let the colors fly.

Biggest Breakout Rock Albums That Were A Band's 4th

This list started out as a list of big breakout albums, the album that broke a band into the charts and got them noticed - finally. After struggling for many years, the band makes it big with this album. To qualify, they had to have struggled with at least 2 albums that didn't bring them fame. 

Top 20 Debut Albums of All Time: Great 1st Albums

A debut album, the first album a band puts out, is usually a practice run. For many bands, it's not great but might lead them to a later album with charting hits and record sales. However, once in a while, a band releases a phenomenal debut album that grabs the gold in the first shot. Here are the best debut albums by rock and pop bands, the best debuts we could find.

Top 20 Vampire Novels in Horror Book History

Vampires have been a big part of fiction literature in the world for more than 200 years. There's something about blood-sucking creatures that come out only at night... it fascinated us. They scare us, but also romance us. We're drawn to them for some odd reason. Secretly, we all want to be one? Here are the top-rated vampire novels of all time:

The Most Recognizable Songs of All Time

Good or not, these are the most recognizable songs ever recorded. We surveyed 200 people about the Top 100 songs of all time (based on streaming and sales for the past 50+ years), and some songs were not recognized by either the oldest or the youngest surveyed. Ages were evenly distributed from 16 to 69 years old. Quite a few songs were not recognized by the ultra youth, and a couple were not known by the oldest (no one over 24 ever heard of The Weeknd, for example, so it fails the list). However, we found 25 songs that at least 90% of our group recognized. These were the top: Most Recognizable Songs of all time.

Alternative Soundtrack to the Barbie Movie

We've collected here the top 20 songs for Barbie and Ken, songs dedicated to the famous doll franchise. Think of this as an alternative and unofficial soundtrack to Barbie and her pals.

One-Hit Wonders You Forgot You Loved

Some one-hit wonders get noticed again and again, and some have been rejuvenated by new movies or social media. How Bizarre by OMC was made popular again by Tik Tok. Brandy by Looking Glass got revived by the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Others got new life in fresh new TV shows or series. Here we look at the forgotten one-hit wonders, those we forgot we loved and haven't heard in a long while. To be clear, these are not the top, best or most-successful one-hit wonders, but they are the best ones that we lost, the hits never picked up by TV, movies or TikTok... and maybe we just forgot them. 

Top 20 Songs About Numbers

The use of numbers in pop and rock songs has been a standard for years. There are tons, countless, as it seems the use of numbers in songs is popular beyond words. Here are the Top 20 songs with digits in their titles, numerical song bliss that hit the Top 40 charts.