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Top 20 Songs About Phone Calls and the Telephone

Phone calls have been a favorite topic in pop songs for many years. The pain of a breakup over the phone, or the desire to call someone up for a date. More than 100 songs have been penned about telephones, calls, and phone messages. No smart phones, Android apps or instant messaging existed when any of these songs were recorded... actually calls had to be dialed. Here are the Top 20 songs about Telephones:

1 – Telephone Line (1977) by ELO, the Electric Light Orchestra, the best songs about that line connected to the wall (back when phones were actually wall-mounted).
2 – Party Line (1966) by the Attraction
3 – Echo Vally 26809 by David Cassidy and the Partridge Family, about a guy calling an old flame, but the number has been disconnected.

4 – Sylvia's Mother by Dr. Hook, the poor guy can't get her to come to the phone.
5 – Call Me Back Again (1975) by Paul McCartney & Wings, from the #1 “Venus and Mars” album.
6 – The Red Telephone (1967) by Love, very psychedelic, trippy and cool.
7 – Long Distance Runaround (1971) by Yes
8 – Call Me (1980) by Blondie
9 – Calling Dr. Love (1977) by Kiss
10 – Dial My Number (1988) by Rick Astley
11 – Phone Call (1980) by Chrissie Hynde & the Pretenders
12 – Hold the Line (1978) by Toto, a top-10 hit back in the day.
13 – The Call (1970) by Anne Murray
14 – When Girls Telephone Boys (2003) by the Deftones
15 – Phone Call (1989) by Joe Satriani
16 – Telephone (2009) performed by Lady GaGa with Beyonce
17 – Hotline to Heaven (1984) by Bananarama
18 – Call Collect (1975) by Jigsaw, the “Sky High” guys.
19 – Calling Occupants (of Interplanetary Craft) by Klaatu, a hit song in 1976
20 – Mr. Telephone Man (1984) by New Edition; he thinks “my baby wouldn't hang up on me.”

Best foreign phone song: Missed Call (2011) by Bie the Star, Thai pop singer

Bonus Tracks:
Call the Police (1975) by Hot Chocolate
Party Line (1976) Andrea True Connection
Mellow Yellow (1966) by Donovon, for the Yellow Pages. Anyone remember those?

Worst song ever: Dial M for Murder (Pain is Love) by Ja Rule in 2001 … a big wtf. Cancel my phone card please.

No answering machines were used in the making of this list, and no rotary dials were harmed.

There you have it, the best telephone songs in pop and rock music. Now go call someone or “Line” them a message on your smart phone. Does anyone actually call anymore?

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