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Best Horror Movies to Watch on Valentine's Day

If your date likes a scare, or you're dateless and not in the mood for a traditional valentine's day movie... here is a list of gruesome horror movies for Valentine's Day.  Suitable for all stages of a breakup, or to forget about that sappy romantic holiday.... load a bowl with popcorn and turn down the lights. Here are the top 10 Valentine's Day horror movies from Top2040:

1 - My Bloody Valentine (1981) One of the goriest slasher movies of the era, it had 9 minutes cut by the MPAA. 21 years before, a mining accident killed 4 of 5 men trapped due to an accident caused by the negligence of supervisors who went to a valentine's day party instead. A year later, the survivor killed the 2 supervisors with a pick axe. The mine was said to be cursed. Now, 20 years later, several teens decide to test the curse by spending Valentine's night in the mine. As you might guess, it does not go well for them. A nicely revealed twist ending finally caps off our favorite V-day movie.

2 - Prom Night (1980) Lovers don't always get want they want on their special date.

3 - My Bloody Valentine (2009) The remake is still pretty good, and it stars Supernatural's Dean Winchester.

4 - Candyman (1992) Valentine's day isn't always about candy hearts and chocolates in a box.

5 - Warm Bodies (2013) a comedy horror movie about a girl who falls in love with a zombie.

6 - The Collector (1965) A butterfly collector traps the woman he loves, and holds her prisoner just to have her with him.

7- Valentine (2001) College girls looking for romance find a bit more than they want.

8 - The Loved Ones (2009) Sean Byrne directed a low budget Australian horror movie about a girl who kidnaps the boy who turns her down for a date.  She then decides to have her own private valentine's night date (slash) prom night in her own bloody way.

9 - Lover's Lane (1999) A hooked-hand maniac on the loose, every valentine's day.

10 - Hospital Massacre (1982) Another film made in the wake of the 80's serial killer craze: a rejected valentine's day card triggers a young homicidal maniac's psycho tendencies. He killed his beloved girl's boyfriend.  19 years later, he has plans to take out her heart.

Honorable Mention:  Heart (1999) A woman is obsessed with the man who received her son't heart in a transplant.

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Best Valentine's Day horror musical: Little Shop of Horrors (1986) Seymour and Audrey, 2 lovers and a killer plant.

Now go get your flowers, candy and popcorn.  Watch these horror movies with your girlfriend, voodoo doll, or alone on Valentine's day at night.

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