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Top 40 Songs About Friends and Friendship

The Best Pop Rock Songs About Best Friends and Buddies.

Friends and friendship are very strong themes in pop and rock songs. After sifting through more than 500 songs about friends, the 40 best friend songs rose to the top. Many of these were top-20 Billboard hits, and a few reached #1. These are good songs for the background of a video with your friends, or a class reunion. All of them are fun to hear again, and what could be a better subject than friends. Here are the top 40 songs about friends.

1 - You're my Best Friend (1975) by Queen, tops the list as the #1 song from '75, the follow-up to Bohemian Rhapsody, which put the band on the map.

2 - Friends (1970) by Elton John
Making friends for the world to see, Let the people know you got what you need
With a friend at hand you will see the light. If your friends are there then every thing's all right

3 - Can We Still Be Friends? by Todd Rundgren, a great songs from the "Hermit of Mink Hollow" CD

4 - Never Let Me Down Again (1987) Depeche Mode I'm taking a ride with my best friend

5 - Thank You For Being A Friend (1978) Andrew Gold. This was also used as the Golden Girls TV sitcom theme song.

6 - Friends of Mine (1967) by the Zombies

7 - Why Can't We Be Friends? (1974) #1 hit by War

8 - Best Friend (1980) by English Beat

9 - Friends Forever (1991) from Zack Attack, performed on Saved by the Bell on their funny fake Rockumentary

10 - Hello Old Friend (1976) Eric Clapton

11 - You've Got A Friend (1971) by Carole King

12 - Friends (1970) by Led Zeppelin

13 - Waiting on a Friend (1981) Rolling Stones

14 - Friends of Mine (1981) Duran Duran

15 - My Best Friend's Girlfriend (1978) the Cars

16 - Friends Will Be Friends (1986) by Queen

17 - Best Friend (2006) by Pharrell

18 - That's What Friends Are For (1982) by Dionne & Friends

19 - See My Friends by the Kinks

20 - She's My Best Friend by the Velvet Underground

21 - He Was a Friend of Mine (1965) the Byrds

22 - My Best Friend (1980) Air Supply

23 - Friends Never Say Good-bye (2000) by Elton John from Road to El Dorado

24 - Friend and a Lover (1972) the Partridge Family (David Cassidy)

25 - Friends Are Hard to Find (1992) released by Badfinger

26 - To Find a Friend (1994) by Tom Petty

27 - Friend in the City (1970) by Andy Kim

28 - Take a Friend (1974) by Rush from their debut LP

29 - Be My Friend (1970) by Free

30 - Friend or Foe (1982) by Adam and the Ants (Adam Ant)

31 - Last Man At the Party (2003) by Jethro Tull

32 - Keep Off That Friend of Mine (1964) the Hollies

33 - Cosmic Friend (2001) by the Black Crowes

34 - Gonna See My Friend (2009) Pearl Jam

35 - Dear Friends (1974) by Queen from Sheer Heart Attack

36 - When You Were Mine (1989) recorded by Cindi Lauper, written by Prince
When you were mine, you were kinda, sorta my best friend

37 - My Buddy & Me (1978) the Runaways

38 - Friends of Mine (1968) a trippy 9-minute song by the Guess Who

39 - Best Friend (2012) by Madonna

40 - I'll Be There For You (1995) by the Rembrandts, used as the theme song to the Friends sitcom

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Best friends are like wine and music, they get better as the years roll on. Treasure your friends, and send them one of these songs ... just to say "Hi."  Maybe post a friend song on their FB page.

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