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Top 20 Songs for the End of Summer

Songs for "End of Summer" and Good-bye to Summer Friends

The summer is ending, school looms ahead, and the days are not so hot (or long) anymore. It's the end of summer. Time to say good-bye to swimsuits, summer jobs, and summer friends. It's also time for an "end of summer" mix CD, so here are the Top 20 songs for the End of Summer, from Top2040:

1 - Time Stand Still by Rush This song by the Canadian power trio has always been one of my favorite songs about the passing of time. It's not just the end of summer, it's the end of other year. Time marches on. A fantastic song!
Summer's going fast, nights growing colder; Children growing up, old friends growing older

2 - Summer's Almost Gone by The Doors

3 - The Last Day of Summer by the Cure from the Bloodflowers album.

4 - It's Over by ELO Electric Light Orchestra from the Out of the Blue double LP album.
Summer came and passed away, hardly seemed to last a day
but it's over and what can I do?

5 - Last Rose of Summer by Judas Priest

6 - Stuck in the August Rain by Jethro Tull

7 - Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks (1974) the original version
8 - Seasons in the Sun by Westlife (2007) the remake of the 1974 hit by T. Jacks

9 - The Party's Over by Nat King Cole (1956)

10 - Boys of Summer by Don Henley After the boys of summer have gone...

11 - Bus Stop by the Hollies
All that summer we enjoyed it; Wind and rain and shine
That umbrella, we employed it; By August, she was mine

12 - Summer Nights by Olivia Newton-John Summer days drifting away … tale about a summer romance, now that summer is over and we're back to school

13 - Beach Baby by First Class Beach, baby beach, baby there on the sand from July to the end of September

14 - Roll with the Changes by REO Speedwagon

15 - The River by Bruce Springsteen, a great story song.

16 - A Summer Wasting by Belle & Sebastian

17 - Summer is Over by Jon McLaughlin

18 - Night Moves by Bob Segar

19 - Summer Romance by the Rolling Stones It's over now, ...it's through...

20 - Summer is Over by Dusty Springfield

The end of summer, another reason rolling by, again. Do you miss it already? At least you have the memories.

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... if your summer has already ended.

Stay cool, the weather is about to change. The songs remain in our heads. The end of summer is just the start of another tune.

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