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Top 20 Rock Band Movies

The best rock-n-roll movies about rock fans and rock bands. Dramas and comedies: movies that rock. 

Rock songs and good movies go together like peanut butter and chocolate. When that movie is about a rock band, it can be even sweeter. There have been a load movies about rock bands, but only a handful were truly good. If well directed, a rock band movie is an exceptional thing to see. Whether it's comedy, fictional, or true, such films can rock the house.
Here are the top 20 rock band movies of all time:

1 – This is Spinal Tap (1984) hilarious fictional band in a fake rock documentary. It tops our list of rock band films, because of its sheer genius. The soundtrack is excellent, and the script is perfect for any rock fan.

2 – The Doors (1991) biographical movie based on Jim Morrison and the forming of The Doors.

3 – The Rocker (2008) very witty film about a drummer who got kicked out a top metal band just before their rise to fame. Years later, he takes another stab at it with his nephew's band. Great comedy.

4 – The Blues Brothers (1980) John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd fresh out of SNL.

5 – Velvet Goldmine (1998) a clever biography of a fictional glam rock band.

6 – Hi Fidelity (2000) Jon Cusack owns a record store, and Jack Black is in a band. Well-written script.

7 – The Boat that Rocked (2009) the last days of a pirate music station that broadcasts from a boat at sea.

8 – School of Rock (2003) Jack Black turns his students into a rock band.

9 – La Bamba (1987) the Ritchie Valens story.

10 – Almost Famous (2001) a teenage journalist gets to meet bands while writing for the Rolling Stone.

11 – Airheads (1994) Steve Buscemi stars. A band takes a radio station hostage to get their demo 
played on the air.

12 – The Runaways (2010) about the girl rockers: Joan Jett and the Runaways

13 – Rock Star (2001) Mark Wahlberg stars as a tribute/cover band's lead singer, who may get to play with the real band they cover.

14 – Detroit Rock City (1999) more about the fans than the band; four teens sneak out of school to get into a Kiss concert without tickets. Some very funny moments make this movie a top-20 pick.

15 – Eddy and the Cruisers (1983) Michael Pare

16 – Rock of Ages (2012) a rock musical that isn't great, but isn't bad. It's worthy of a screening.

17 – Josie and the Pussycats (2001) based on the famous cartoon girl band

18 – Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) Keanu Reeves in the band: Wyld Stallyns.

19 – Rock-n-Roll High School (1979) featuring the Ramones.

20 – Vicious Lips (1988) an all-girl band travels the galaxy playing gigs.

Honorable Mention: Bandslam (2009) didn't make the list, but it's not bad.

Also check out: 

“The In Crowd” is a good rock-themed movie, but it's not about a band. It's loosely based on American Bandstand in the 60's. The music and story are entertaining.

Those are the top rock band movies of the past few decades. Take a break and check a few of them out. Enjoy the rock-n-roll ride.

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