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Best Natural Disaster Movies Ever Made

It's hard to find a good "natural disaster movie." Easy to find a disaster film, there are hundreds, but hard to find a good one. They come off cheesy and heavy on the effects - low on acting. It's hard to make a storm interesting for 2 hours. We've come up with the best disaster movies in cinema's long history. Tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, ice storms and more.... these are Acts of God or force majeure, and are solely from the forces of natures. The top 25 "Mother nature's wrath" or natural disaster movies:

1 - Deluge (1933) The classic film about floods and quakes destroying the big city... after 75 years it still tops the list.

2 - Tidal Wave (aka "Haeundae" released in 2009) This Korean movie is one of the best natural disaster films, with the best effects and most compelling human story. Don't let subtitles scare you, just watch it.

3 - Earthquake (1974) Impressive destruction, especially for its time.

4 - Aftershock (2010) The great Tangshan earthquake of 1976, and how it affects one family.

5 - Krakatoa: the Last Days (2006) a docudrama that is as compelling as a scripted blockbuster.

6 - The Impossible (2012) based on the true events of the 2004 Tsunami that hit Thailand.

7 - The Day After Tomorrow (2004) floods turn to ice storms.

8 - Noah (2014) the Biblical flood loosely interpreted by one filmmaker.

9 - Twister (1996) Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt chase tornadoes.

10 - "2012" starring John Cusack, released in 2009, about the end of the world. Cheesy, but nice fx.

11 - The Storm (2009, Netherlands) Dutch movie about storms destroying the country.

12 - Bait (2012) A tsunami hits a coastal Australian town, flooding a department store and trapping a group of people inside, along with lots of water - and a 15 ft shark. This is more of a shark movie, but the circumstances were caused by a natural disaster.

13 - 2022 Tsunami (Thailand 2009) with some good destructive action.

14 - The Perfect Storm (2000) ahoy, ships at sea, and a really big wave.

15 - Flood (2003) short drama by Clio Barnard

16 - Disaster Wars: Earthquake vs. Tsunami (2013) You're wondering how this awful movie made it on the list. Well, pound for pound, it packs in some good disaster footage.

17 - The Towering Inferno (1974) a tall office building goes up in flames.

18 - Tornado (1996) gets extra points for Bruce Campbell's role.

19 - Arctic Blast (2010) a solar eclipse ushers in the new ice age.

20 - Daylight (1996) A New York tunnel collapses and only Rambo can save the people tapped inside.

21 - The Core (2003) We must drill to the Earth's core to get the planet spinning again.

22 - Pompei (2014) Mount Vesuvius erupts.

23 - Aftershock: Earthquake in New York (1999)

24 - Avalanche (1978) winter resort, snow avalanche.

25 - Volcano (1997) another eruption in sfx movie making (of sorts).

There you have it, more natural disaster movies than you could watch in a day.

Best natural disaster movies.


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