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Songs for the Revolution TV Series Soundtrack

Songs about blackouts, power outage and revolution, for Charlie and Miles Matheson, and the rest of the rebels. Rock songs for the Revolution TV series soundtrack.

The TV Series "Revolution" on NBC, created by Eric Kripke (Supernatural TV Series), has hit its mark pretty well. Revolution is based on a post-apocalyptic world without electric power. After the blackout, the US has split into 5 separate republics, and what they call the wasteland. Oh, and there are the rebels, the computer genius, and the militia. But you know the story... so let's get to the top 25 rock songs for the soundtrack to Revolution:

1 - Lights-Out by UFO (1979) title track from their flawless "Lights-Out" LP
2 - Blackout by the Scorpions
3 - The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia by Vicki Lawrence (1973)
4 - Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights) by Pat Travers
5 - Electric-Dreams by Phil Oakley & Giorgio Morodor
6 - Black Sunday by Jethro Tull
7 - Revolution by the Beatles
8 - The Body Electric by Rush
9 - Hit the Lights from Metallica
10 - Rebel Yell by Billy Idol, for Miles Matheson and the rebels


11 - Power by Kansas
12 - Darkness on the Edge of Town by Bruce Springsteen
13 - Powerless by the Flaming Lips
14 - Powerless by Linkin Park
15 - It's the End of the World As We Know It (and I feel Fine ) by REM
16 - Out Go the Lights by Aerosmith
17 - Beware of Darkness by George Harrison
18 - No More Mr. Nice Guy by Alice Cooper, for Sebastian "Bass" Munroe
19 - All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix, for the Tower
20 - A House Divided by Megadeth, for the country divided
21 - No World Order 1.1 by Todd Rundgren
22 - Light Up by Styx from the Equinox CD, for the power pendants
23 - All the Machines by Grace Slick from her solo 1984 Software LP
24 - Young Americans and Rebel-Rebel by David Bowie, for Danny and Charlie Matheson
25 - Brave New World by Iron Maiden

Bonus Track: Livin' Thing by ELO Electric Light Orchestra for the microscopic Nanites keeping the power off, but keeping some sick people alive. It's a living thing; It's a terrible thing to lose.
Waiting patiently for a new season of Revolution, to see if Tom Neville switches sides 2 more times, and who ends up getting senior Munroe.

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