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Top 10 Songs by KISS

Who can forget the make-up and stage antics of these clever guys. Their gimmick worked miracles in the 70s, and again with a come-back in the 90s. They didn't have the song writing skills of some bands, but who needs it when your room-mate is Michael Bolton, and you have a stage presence like few other bands. Starts the smoke machine, rockets, and fire... Here are the Top 10 songs by KISS:

"Love Gun" squeezes in under honorable mention, from the LP of the same name.

10 – Detroit Rock City, originally recorded in 1976, the tune was made famous a second time in 1999 by the movie of the same name.

9 – Lick it Up (1983) from the album of the same name, and this time the group didn't wear make-up.

8 – Dr. Love (1976) from the album: Rock and Roll Over.

7 – Christine Sixteen (1977) from the Love Gun CD.

6 – Psycho Circus (1998) in their comeback of the late 90s, this song worked by a charm.

5 – Hard Luck Woman (1976) a great ballad, acoustic no less!

4 – I Was Made for Loving You, the 1979 pseudo-disco hit that put the band back in the spotlight. It's the first track on the Dynasty album,

3 – I Want to Rock-n-Roll All Night (and Party Ev-er-y day) ... the Live version got serious airplay on FM radio in the 70's.

2 – Forever (1989) Written by Michael Bolton for KISS to perform. Who knew?

1 – Beth (1976) This ballad was the only Top-10 hit for the band (peaking at #7 on Billboard US), and is their strongest tune. It sent the Destroyer album to the top 20, as well.

Their stage performance (and fireworks) took the front seat, but it was the their love ballads that brought them to the charts. The KISS make-up didn't hurt either, it added to their... charm. Without it, they might never have gone anywhere at all.

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