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Top 20 Fleetwood Mac Songs of All Time

The Best Songs by Fleetwood Mac, the super-group's best and most memorable songs.

Not many bands have enjoyed the success that Fleetwood Mac have seen. The Mac have had an extensive cultural impact on four decades of music with a wide range of musical styles. Their songs, sometimes soft ballads and sometimes hard rock, hit a wide audience that few bands can reach. My mother likes them as much as my nephew does. I was always a heavier rock and metal fan, but even I couldn't resist liking Fleetwood Mac, and loving a huge library of FM songs. The second incarnation of Fleetwood Mac was cosmic: John and Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks, Lindsay Buckingham, and Mick Fleetwood. The songwriting and arrangements showed talent from every bad member.
Here are the most memorable, top 20 songs by Fleetwood Mac:

20 - You Make Loving Fun ...a classic,  'nuff said

19 - Everywhere ...from Tango in the 1987 Night CD

18 - Tusk. The title track from the 1979 LP.

17 - Landslide, a beautiful and timeless piece of music.

16 - Hold Me from Mirage 1982

15 - Over My Head, an early hit from Christine that got the ball rolling. 

14 - Seven Wonders. A crisp cool song with an 80s feel, from Tango in the Night.

13 - Big Love . Also from Tango, a tightly wound song.

12 - Sara (1979) a beautiful tune from Tusk

11 - Say You Will (2003) the title track to their strong comeback album

10 - Gold Dust Woman . Flavorful, and charming to the last.

9 - Go Your Own Way (C. McVie) One of many songs written by Christine McVie, who was under-appreciated in the band. She had the most hits, but eventually moved on. Rock music is hard on its creators.

8 - Don't Stop . Another Christine anthem that works even today.

7 - I'm So Afraid on the live album "The Dance" was a special Buckingham guitar moment.

6 - Little Lies …a perfect Christine McVie song from Tango in the Night.

5 - Rhiannon, a beautiful night song about a witch.

4 - Thrown Down . Very special song from the 2003 "Say You Will" CD.

3 - Dreams . An eerie Stevie Nicks song that's not easily forgotten.

2 - Gypsy. A smooth tune from the Mirage CD, 1982, Stevie Nicks on vocals

1 - The Chain . The most memorable hard-driving song from Rumours, and maybe Fleetwood Mac's best song that uses all band members equally. Written by Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks,
Mick Fleetwood, Christine McVie, and John McVie.

Christine wrote the most hit songs, even though Stevie was always more famous in the US.
Honorable Mention: Songbird, and Tango in the Night (title song).
Too many songs, too little time.

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Ref: Best Albums and Songs by Fleetwood Mac.

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