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Top 20 Songs About Godzilla

The best pop and rock songs about Godzilla and his movie monster friends: Mothra, Gamera. Best Godzilla themed songs from Blue Oyster Cult, Alphaville, Queen, Green Day and more.

Godzilla and his friends, Mothra, Rodan, Gamera, have been a big part of monster movie culture for the past 60 years. It stands to reason that a few pop and rock songs would be written about the giant lizard who came from the sea, first as a villain and then to save us. Here are the top 20 songs for Godzilla and his friends:

1 - Godzilla (1977) by Blue Oyster Cult The obvious topper here is the FM hit song from BOC.
With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound, he pulls the spitting high tension wires down ...
 Oh no, ... Godzilla

2 - Big in Japan (1984) by Alphaville

3 - Fire on High (1975) by ELO Electric-Light Orchestra for the big bad fire-breathing lizard.

4 - Woman From Tokyo (1973) by Deep Purple. That's all Gamera or 'Zilla ever wanted... their sweet woman from the city of neon lights.

5 - Monster (2012) by the popular K-pop band : Big Bang

6 - Flick of the Wrist (1974) by Queen from the Sheer Heart Attack album. A flick of his tail would bring down a good sized building.

7 - Jolly Green Giant (1965) by the Kingsmen

8 - Tokyo (1985) by the Thomson Twins

9 - Some Kind of Monster (2004) Metallica

10 - Heroes (1977) from David Bowie. As first Godzilla is the villain, and then he is the hero for dozens of sequels, because there's always a bigger monster. Good times.

11 - Turning Japanese (1980) by the Vapors

12 - Attack of the Giant Ants (1976) by Blondie, for all the other Daikaiju creatures. Giant ants from space ....

13 - He's a Mental Giant (2011) by Tech N9ne

14 - Moths (1978) by Jethro Tull, for Mothra!

15 - Karma Chameleon (1983) by Culture Club

16 - Lizard (1970) by King Crimson

17 - Atlantis (1969) by Donovon. Way down below the ocean, where I wanna be.

18 - Run! Run Away! (1984) by Slade

19 - It Came from Japan (2001) from Von Bondies

20 - Brain Stew: The Godzilla Remix (1998) by Green Day

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And there you have it: your Godzilla monster movie mix CD for the intermission in your next Gozilla movie marathon. Models and real sets beat CGI any day of the week. Rock on, Daikaiju!

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