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Top 40 Songs About Dogs And Puppies

The best songs about dogs and canines in pop and rock music. Howling hot hits about dogs; tunes with real bite.

The dog has been the subject of hundreds of pop and rock songs. Canines inspired a lot of hits, both good and bad (and some really bad). We dug deep to find a few good songs about dogs, canines and furry friends. This is the Top2040 play-list for dog aficionados and pet hounds. Here are the top 40 songs about dogs:

1 - Dogs by Pink Floyd from the LP "Animals." The best tune on our list of dog songs. Later the band would also pen "The Dogs of War"

2 - Diamond Dogs by David Bowie, who never disappoints us with his musical style. He happens to top our cat list as well!

3 - Dogs in the Midwinter by Jethro Tull, a great and under-appreciated canine song.

4 - Hair of the Dog by Nazareth

5 - Hound Dog by Elvis Presley, the most recognized song on the list.

6 - Dog and Butterfly by Heart

7 - Pluto the Dog by Manfred Mann's Earth Band, a psychedelic trip for the soul.

8 - Bird Dog by the Everly Brothers (1958)

9 - Gonna Buy Me a Dog by the Monkees, featured on their sit-com back in the sixties.

10 - Dog's A Best Friend's Dog by Tears for Fears, a strong, rich song from Elemental.

11 - Running with the Pack by Bad Company

12 - Who let the Dogs Out by Baha Men, perhaps the most over-played song on the list.

13 - Shake Dog Shake by the Cure

14 - The Bitch is Back by Elton John, with his howling piano style.

15 - Junkyard Dog by Winger

16 - Hounds of Love by the fabulous Kate Bush

17 - Baby Ice Dog by Blue Oyster Cult

18 - Dog Eat Dog by AC/DC (1977)

/tie 18 - Dog Eat Dog by Adam and the Ants (1980)

19 - Hot Dog by Led Zeppelin

20 - A Salty Dog by Procol Harum, timeless classic.

21 - Man with the Dogs by Dead Kennedys

22 - Bark No Bite by Seven Mary Three

23 - Jealous Dogs by the Pretenders

24 - Bark at the Moon by Ozzie Osbourne

25 - Law Dogs by the Doobie Brothers

26 - Burning Dog by Sugar Ray

27 - Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men

28 - Rain Dogs by Tom Waits, who cannot sing (but tries hard).

29 - Out In The Country by Three Dog Night

30 - Mutt by Blink 182

31 - Doin' the Dog by The Knack

32 - Puppy Love by Donny Osmond, the sappiest of the dog songs, but it was remade many times over the years by multiple artists. Actually Donny's version was a cover of the 1960 Paul Anka song. Both versions miraculously made it to #2 on the charts.

33 - Shoot the Dog by George Michael

34 - Dog in Me by Lil' Bow Wow

35 - Dog Days by Atlanta Rhythm Section

36 - The Puppy Song was written and recorded by Harry Nillson in 1969 at Paul McCartney's request. It was used again in the 1998 movie "You Got Mail."

37 - Walking the Dog by Paul Revere and the Raiders

38 - Dirty Dog by ZZ Top, the bearded trio.

39 - Late September Dogs by Melissa Etheridge

40 - Even a Dog Can Shake Hands by Warren Zevon

Bonus Tracks:  Bite the Hand by Megadeth

People Are People by Depeche Mode, because "No! Dogs are not people!" and you're a nut if you dress them up or think they are your kids. Don't be angry: I didn't say you're a bad nut.
Don't forget your little plastic bag for the leavings.

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That was a big bite of the best pop and rock songs about dogs. Don't hound me for any more (wink) ... these are all the dog tunes to have cracked the charts.

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