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Best Love Ballads and Slow Songs of the 80's

Top 25 slow songs of the 80s: the best 80's love ballads and slow dance tracks, from Spandau Ballet to Madonna and more.

Turn back the clock and turn down the lights. The candles are lit on the balcony, or the soft mirror ball is turning slowly on the dance floor. Time for the best love ballads of the 80's. These are the soft songs, the slow songs that are played in the love scene of a movie or at the end of the dance night, our favorite slow dance tracks. The Top 25 slow songs of the 80s:

1 - True by Spandau Ballet immortalized in the Sixteen Candles movie with Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall, this is the most memorable ballad of the 80s.
2 - Careless Whisper by Wham (George Michael), does anyone not have a good memory of this song? It defined the whole summer/fall of 1984 for MTV. Time can never mend, The careless whisper of a good friend

3 - Slave to Love by Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music) so smooth, co cool.

4 - Save A Prayer by Duran Duran

5 - Never Surrender by Corey Hart without the sunglasses with time.

6 - Crazy for You by Madonna from the Vision Quest soundtrack. The 80s was a golden decade for slow sweet tunes, especially on soundtracks.

7 - Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac

8 - True Colors by Cindi Lauper

9 - Hold Me Now by the Thompson Twins

10 - Only You by Yaz (aka Yazoo)

11 - Love Song by The Cure, who'd have thought this dark band could write just pretty ballads? "Friday I'm in Love" is another pretty song by the same band.

12 - Weak in the Presence of Beauty by Alison Moyet, former Yaz member.

13 - Be Near Me by ABC

14 - If You Leave by OMD Orchestral Maneouvres in the Dark, from the "Pretty in Pink" soundtrack. This song was an 80's anthem, even after Molly Ringwald broke Jon Cryer's heart.

15 - Rent by the Pet Shop Boys I love you: you pay my rent ... An 80s lifestyle anthem.

16 - Open Arms by Journey

17 - Don't Dream it's Over from Crowded House

18 - Secret Lovers by Atlantic Starr

19 - Forever Young (slow version) by Alphaville

20 - Electric Blue by Icehouse, a glowing one hit wonder.

21 - The Glory of Love by Peter Cetera from the Karate Kids II soundtrack

22 - Heaven by Bryan Adams, great song from a pointless 80s movie "A Night in Heaven."

23 - I Miss You by Klymaxx

24 - Holding Back the Years by Simply Red

25 - What does it Take by Honeymoon Suite from the 80's movie One Crazy Summer

For faster songs, see the 80's Dance Song list.

Slow dance fade to black, credits roll. Hope that 80's love-song play-list woo'd your partner. Eighties ballads, mirror balls, dark club rooms, and steamy slow dances live on in our heads. There's no reason the songs can't live on, too.

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