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Best Snake Movies Ever Filmed

The Top 25 Snake Movies: Best Serpent Creatures on Film

There's nothing like a good snake to goose up a film. As a big fan of monster movies, I'm always game for a good snake film. Whether it's a giant snake or swarms of little ones, both serve their movies well. Quality is the biggest obstacle, as many snake movies are just outright bad. I'm amazed at the plastic snakes used is some of the older "cops style" TV shows. But occasionally, a really good snake movie slithers into cinemas, and makes our day. Time for the Top2040 list of the best snakes on film. The top 25 Snake Movies:

1 - Anacondas: Search for the blood Orchid (2004)
1/tie - Anaconda (1997) The two bedrock movies for snake fans. Beautiful settings along the amazon river, good acting, and a few good lines. Most of all, the snakes look real.

2 - Boa vs. Python (2004) Good sets and script, and an appearance from Dr. McKay (Stargate Atlantis)

3 - New Alcatraz aka Boa (2001) Dean Cain. In a new Arctic prison, a prehistoric Boa is released from the ice, and it's hungry.

4 - Snakes on a Plane (2006) Samuel L. Jackson puts a new spin on fear of flying.

5 - Python (2000) Robert England and Casper van Dien

6 - Vipers (2008) Tara Reid. A nest of vipers escapes from a science lab.

7 - The Trek (2002) Thai movie " ดงพญาไฟ " with a team chasing down a giant river snake. A top2040.com favorite

8 - King Cobra (1999) starring Pat Morita from the Karate Kid

9 - Curse II: the Bite (1989) Good movie, great poster.

10 - Copperhead (2008) Snakes on the plains, set in the west.

11 - Sssssss (1973) Dirk Benedict is turned into a snake by creepy character actor Strother Martin.

12 - Komodo vs. Cobra (2005) Any movie with a Komodo dragon automatically gets an extra star, and showdowns are always good in big monster movies. This match actually works. It's no Oscar contender, but then... what is?

13 - Jennifer (1978) a girl has the ability to control snakes, which she uses for revenge against her classmates. This movie was playing on the success of Stephen King's "Carrie" from the previous year.

14 - Venomous (2001) snakes are spreading a virus through their bite.

15 - The Snake Woman (1961) A woman is cured by snake venom, then gives birth to a girl who may be growing up to be more snake than woman.

16 - Piranhaconda (2012) A mediocre script is saved by a very cool looking piranha snake hybrid.

17 - Hisss (2010) Snake woman on the loose

18 - Snakeman aka The Snake King (2005) The usual trouble while searching for the fountain of youth in the Amazon.

19 - Atragon (1963) for Manda the giant sea snake

20 - Spasms (1983) A man has a psychic link to a killer snake.

21 - Rattlers (1976) A nest of rattlesnakes goes on a rampage.

22 - Mega Snake (2007) A mystical snake grows giant as it eats people and feeds on fears.

23 - Anacondas 4: Trail of Blood (2009) far behind parts 1 and 2, but still better than 3.

24 - Basilisk: the Serpent King (2006) An ancient Libyan serpent is revived. Worst cgi effects ever! but an acceptable plot.

25 - Snake Island (2002) Ridiculous movie, but makes the list because of the snake count. A lot of good-looking snakes here. Remove the actors, and this movie becomes pretty good.
Honorable Mention : Silent Predators (1999), Venom (1981)

Worst snake films : Snakes on a Train (2006) was a cheap "straight to dvd" attempt to beat Snakes on a Plane to theaters.
Mega Python vs. Gateroid (2011) has pre-school cgi effects.

Looking forward to a new year with new monster snake movies. But first: acting lessons, please. It's not great when the snakes are the best actors in the movie. Giant snakes are prima donnas, though.

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