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Top 25 Songs About Family For a Family Reunion

Families and family reunions are a popular theme in pop & rock songs. With holidays approaching, you might need a family play-list, or list of songs for your reunion. These are good songs to play in the background of a family video or a slide show. Here are the Top 25 songs about Family.

1 - We are Family (1979) by Sister Sledge, the ultimate Family Song. We are family, Get up everybody and sing 

2 - Reunion (1986) by Erasure

3 - Family Snapshot (1980) by Peter Gabriel from his third solo album

4 - Mama, I'm Coming Home (1987) by Ozzie Osbourne from the Top-10 "No More Tears" album

5 - Back to the Family (1969) by Jethro Tull from their second album "Stand Up"

6 - Brother Louie (1973) recorded by Stories

7 - Family Affair (1971) Sly and the Family Stone, a top Billboard hit from the early 70s.

8 - Family of Man (1972) by Three Dog Night

9 - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother (1970) by the Hollies  ... why not share?

10 - We Can Be Together (1967) Jefferson Airplane, a cool 60s anthem about togetherness.

11 - Sail Away, Sweet Sister (1980) by Queen from "The Game" CD

12 - Friends and Family (1971) by Five Man Electric Band, who brought us "Signs" as a #1 hit

13 - Brothers and Sisters of Africa (1982) by Manfred Mann's Earth Band

14 - We're a Happy Family (1977) by the Ramones, typical sarcastic lyrics from the Ramones.

15 - Together Forever (1987) by Rick Astley

16 - Home Sweet Home (1985) by Motley Crue, a minor hit for them, a monster ballad back in the hair metal days.

17 - Brothers (1994) by John Cougar Mellencamp

18 - Parents (1991) by Another Bad Creation

19 - Family Band (2006) by Tragically Hip

20 - Three Sisters (1985) by INXS

21 - Raised Up Family (2002) by James Taylor

22 - Home (1987) by Depeche Mode

23 - Family Portrait (2002) by Pink

24 - Ode to My Family (1994) by the Cranberries

25 - Family (1982) by Greg Kihn Band... remember the Jeopardy guy?

Bonus Tracks: Come Together (1969) by the Beatles, and Happy Family (1970) by King Crimson

Now all you need is a good slide show with lots of pics, these songs in the background, a Valium and some drinks. Hide the good silverware; the whole family is on it's way, including Aunt Rita and her third husband. Endure and/or enjoy your family reunion! These family reunion songs will get you through.

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