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Top 13 Songs for Friday the 13th

Best Songs for "Friday the 13th" the Day when Luck Runs Out

The 13 th day of the month falls on a Friday only twice a year. It is said this is a day of bad luck and twisted fates. Don't walk under any ladders, buy a house, drive on the highway, or tempt fate on this day. This date was also the inspiration for a series of successful Friday the 13th Movies about Jason Voorhees. Regardless of your take on the day, I hope your Thirteenth day passes safely. Here are the top 13 songs for Friday the 13th .

1 (tie) - Friday I'm in Love by The Cure, as legend goes: if you fall in love on a Friday, you can break the bad luck curse of Friday the Thirteenth.

1 - He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask) by Alice Cooper, written for "Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives"... played during the closing credits. Great song.

That only happens, babe, On the movie screen

Oh, but he's back: He's the man behind the mask

2 - This is Thirteen by Anvil

3 - Friday the 13 by Sonny Rollins (1953)

4 - Black-Friday by Steely Dan

5 - Midnight to Midnight by the Psychedelic Furs, just a few hours til the safety of Saturday 14

5 - (tie) Devil's Haircut by Beck. Don't get your hair cut on Friday the 13th, or go near a blade.

6 - Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival

7 - White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane, but you really only need the rabbit's foot.

8 - Friday's Angels by Generation X

9 - 213 by Slayer

10 - Thank God It's Friday by Love and Kisses, from the 70s soundtrack to the movie: TGIF

11 - The Mask by Roger Glover (Deep Purple) for Jason & the hockey mask

12 - Mr. Bad Luck by Jimi Hendrix

13 - "13" by Megadeth

Bonus Track: Safety Dance by Men Without Hats. If you play this song at the top of every hour on Friday the 13th, you'll be kept safe from all harm. But... you must do the dance, as well. Hat is optional. Alternate with "Lucky Star" by Madonna, and the safety is locked in. And stay away from guys in hockey masks, black cats, and sharp objects.

Millions of people fear the Number 13.
Personally, the best days of my life have all fallen on Friday the 13th!  Happy Friday!~13.

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