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Top 20 Songs About Guitars

The best songs about the guitar: the amazing six-stringed instrument.

Guitars not only drive the songs we listen to, but some songs are even about the stringed instrument. We love our guitars so much, we can't resist to put them into songs. These are the 20 best songs about the guitar:

1 – While My Guitar Gently Weeps (1968) by the Beatles, written by George Harrison, and it's the smoothest song about a guitar.

2 – Guitar Man (1972) Bread with David Gates, the “soft song” guys.

3 – 2112 (1977) by Rush. A concept song about a future world without music, when a man discovers a guitar from 100 years in the past. He strums it, and reintroduces the instrument to the world, only to be cast out by his oppressive government.

4 – Johnny B. Goode (1958) by Chuck Berry

5 – Play Guitar (1983) by John Cougar (Mellencamp)

6 – Anyone Can Play Guitar (1993) by Radiohead

7 – Electric Guitar (1979) by the Talking Heads

8 – Big Riff and Mando (1989) Jethro Tull from “Rock Island”

9 – My Guitar Lies Bleeding in My Arms (1995) by Bon Jovi, from “These Days.”

10 – Jail Guitar Doors (1977) from the Clash

11 – Music Man (1977) REO Speedwagon from “Live: You Get What You Play For”

12 – Guitar Man (1967) recorded by Elvis Presley

13 – Pickin' Time (1968) by Johnny Cash

14 – Guitar (2007) by Prince

15 – Talking Guitar Blues (1983) by Paul Rogers of Bad Company and Free

16 – Why Pick On Me (1966) by the fabulous Standells

17 – Johnny Guitar (1977) by the Runaways, the tough girl band that started with Joan Jett

18 – Guitar Tango (1992) the Shadows

19 – Margaritaville (1978) by Jimmy Buffet … strumming my six string...

20 – Electric Dreams (1984) by Phil Oakley and Giorgio Moroder

Bonus tracks: Bad Company (1978) by Bad Co. from their debut LP, six string sound...was my claim to fame...
Electric Blue by Icehouse for that steel blue guitar we always wanted.

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The pick in hand, foot on the zoom box, hand on the fret, now play the above mix tape list. These were the best tunes about the guitar. Songs often mention guitars. Maybe it's because all instruments are such a big part of our lives, or at least a songwriter's life.  


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