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Top 20 Songs for Autumn and the Fall Season

Best Pop and Rock Songs About Fall and Autumn, the Seasonal Change

It's the end of Summer already. Time for back to school, leaves changing color, and Halloween decorations posted on storefronts way too soon: Ghosts in the windows. In some stores, Christmas lights are already being sold. Fall is the best time of the year. The weather gets crisp, and the Northeast starts to get some character to its foliage. It's time for a Fall season songs list from Top2040, the best songs for Autumn and Fall:

1 - Forever Autumn by the Moody Blues - Justin Hayward, written by Jeff Wayne and used in the musical War of the Worlds soundtrack. The song even sounds like Fall.

2 - Indian Summer by the Doors

3 - Weathercock by Jethro Tull from the Heavy Horses LP.
When the leaves spin from October, and whip around your tail,
Did you shake from the blast, did you shiver through the gale?

4 - October by U2 (1981)

5 - Harvest Moon by Neil Young

6 - The Leaves Will Change by Take Cover

7 - True Colors by Cindi Lauper, for the color change of the leaves.

8 - Ghosts by the Strawbs

9 - Autumn Almanac by the Kinks

10 - October Road by James Taylor

11 - Gi Do (Prayer) by Jung Il-Yung from the "Autumn in my Heart" OST

12 - California Dreamin by the Mamas and the Papas. All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray...

13 - Turning Leaves by Orange Crush

14 - Autumn Changes by Donna Summer

15 - Grand Theft Autumn by Fall Out Boy

16 - September by Earth, Wind and Fire.  One of the most memorable songs of the 70s, it topped the charts for several weeks in 1978

17 - Autumn Song by Van Morrison

18 - It's Raining Again by Supertramp

19 - Autumn Afternoon by the Sandpipers

20 - Orange Crush by REM, for the orange, red and yellow leaves of Fall.

Bonus Track : 21 - Evidence of Autumn by Genesis, b-side to the Misunderstanding single from the Duke LP (1980)

Honorable Mention : Fire on High by ELO Electric Light Orchestra, for the red and orange trees that look like they're on fire.

See more here at Top2040.com :

Carve your jack-o-lantern and rake those orange / brown leaves to the above mix-CD play list.

Enjoy the Fall while you can, because the cruel grip of winter is just around the corner. Fall comes way too fast, and leaves way too soon. Crank up the autumn songs to get you through it.

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