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Top 40 Songs About Cats

Best Pop & Rock Songs About Cats, Kittens, Lions, Tigers....

Cats are a popular theme in pop and rock music. Out of hundred of cat-related songs, many topped the charts and marked their territory in pop culture, a few even went to #1 on the Top-40 Charts. After sifting through the kitty litter of decades of music, we honed in on the best of the cat songs. These feline songs really purr with a nice set of headphones in hand. Here at Top2040 are the top 40 cat songs of all time:

1 - Cat People (Putting Out Fire) by David Bowie, our top cat song of all time. It still rocks.

2 - Year of the Cat by Al Stewart, a smooth cat track.


3 - Cat's in the Cradle by Harry Chapin

4 - Stray Cat Strut by the Stray Cats

5 - Honky Cat by Elton John (1972), a top-10 hit from the piano man.

6 - Ride the Tiger by Jefferson Starship from the indelible Dragon Fly album.

7 - Leave My Kitten Alone performed by Elvis Costello in 1995

8 - Kitty Cat Song by the Troggs (1966)

9 - Don't Wake the Lion by Magnum, an under-appreciated song and band.

10 - Eye of the Tiger by Survivor, an 80's montage stape

11 - Cat Scratch Fever by Ted Nugent

12 - Kitten Got Claws by Whitesnake (1989)

13 - Go Little Go Cat by the Four Teens (1958), an old jukebox tune

14 - Old Black Cat by Jethro Tull

15 - Kitty by Cat Stevens. Apparently, a bad kitty.

16 - Can't Tame the Lion (1996) by Journey

17 - Tiger by Abba, the super-pop quintet from Sweden, but this kitty was not in Mama Mia

18 - Cat Size by Suzi Quatro

19 - Like a Cat by Cindi Lauper (1989) You throw me out the window... I landed on my feet.


20 - Pussy Power by Iggy Pop

21 - The Lion Sleeps Tonight by the Tokens (1961)

22 - Cleopatra's Cat by the Spin Doctors

23 - Tom Cat Goodbye written by Laura Nyro

24 - Tiger Tiger by Duran Duran

25 - "Cat" performed by The Hassles (1969) written by Billy Joel

26 - They Call Her the Cat by Elton John (2004)

27 - When the Tigers Broke Free by Pink Floyd, a top2040 favorite

28 - Tom Tom Cat by the Tom Cats (1961)

29 - Look What the Cat Dragged In, 1986 by Poison and in 2005 by the Rolling Stones

30 - Lions by Dire Straits

31 - Pussycat Meow by Deee-Lite, whose groove is in the heart.

32 - Tiger by the Tail by Rick Springfield

33 - Cat Food by King Crimson, our most progressive rock cat track.

34 - Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls

35 - Easy Tiger by Depeche Mode

36 - Roar by Katy Perry

37 - Black Cat by Janet Jackson

38 - Kitty Kat by Beyonce (2006)

39 - Nine Lives by Aerosmith

40 - Pussy Cat (1958) by the Ames Brothers

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Bonus Tracks with honorable mention: Lion of Judah by Prince, and Bottle of Fur by Urge Overkill

This song list is not purr-fect, but it's more fun than a ball of string.

No cats were harmed in the making of this song list.  That would have been a catastrophe. Thanks for trying out our pop/rock list of cat songs and kitty tunes.

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