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The 10 Best Episodes of the Supernatural TV Series

The Most Memorable, Defining Episodes of Supernatural

Sam and Dean Winchester have brought us many years of thought-provoking, hard rocking episodes of Supernatural. They've had some help from Bobby, Ellen, Ash, Bella, Crowley, Castiel, and a few other characters. Don't forget Garth Fitzgerald IV. Here are our 10 favorite Supernatural episodes at Top2040. Spoiler Alert ! Some of the details reveal spoilers. If you have not yet watched the series, be warned.

"Two Minutes to Midnight" Season 5, Episode 21
The first appearance of Death was artfully directed and brilliantly executed by writers, actors, musicians, et al. This was also a surprising and bold twist, as Death reveals he might actually help the boys on their campaign. It's like being beaten down and surrounded by a dozen enemy soldiers, and then a giant troll with futuristic bazookas says, "yeah, I think I want to help you." Great stuff. Help comes from the unlikeliest of places. This is our favorite episode of Supernatural. "Oh oh death..."

"On the Head of a Pin" Season 4, Episode 16
Alistair is captured and reveals some unsavory facts about Dean's stint in the underworld. Sam flexes his muscle and kills Alistair, and thus reveals his own psychic strength from continuing relations with Ruby. Nice to see Sam kick some butz for a change.

"Mystery Spot" Season 3, Episode 11
Also known as the Groundhog Day episode, Sam wakes up every day to Asia's "Heat of the Moment" and to the same calendar day - over and over again. Dean is unaware of reliving the day. Eventually they find the trickster behind it, who explains to Sam it's a lesson in how he cannot save Dean from his fate. A poignant, fun, but crushing episode, all in one.

" Heart " Season 2, Episode 17
Sam falls for a girl named Madison, while hunting a werewolf. They discover that Madison is one of the werewolves, a fact even she didn't know. Now aware of her nightly killings, she asks Dean to kill her. It's a touching moment, and a sad but effective episode. Well directed. The Queensr├┐che song clinches the deal.

"Party On, Garth" Season 7, Episode 18
This one clicks together well. I like the off-beat hunter, Garth, and the premise of the Shojo Japanese alcohol spirit. There's something poetic about an alcohol spirit. This is the first appearance of Bobby in his ghost form.

"Fan Fiction" aka Supernatural The Musical. Season 10, Episode 5
Actually not a bad musical, and the brothers' reaction to seeing it ... priceless. The cameo appears of ... (you know who) at the end, made it even better.  A great Supernatural episode, one for the books.

"Appointment in Samarra" Season 6, Episode 11
Sam makes an appointment with Death to return the ring. Dean must be "death" for a day, and in return Death himself will get Sam's soul back. Being death ain't all it's cracked up to be. Hard choices, and wrong choices are made and passed up, showing how timelines interact.

"Yellow Fever" Season 4, Episode 6
Dean contracts an illness that makes him afraid of everything. The best movie scream of all time: Dean is startled by a cat jumping out of a locker. Sam and Bobby have to work together fast to save Dean.

"Ghostfacers" Season 3, Episode 13
The balance of short comedic moments are part of what make the show so inspiring (i.e. "do not poke her with a stick" vis-a-vis a possible dead body, different episode), and the Ghostfacers episode was a rare full comedy episode. The episode was deftly handled by its creative team. The love struck intern, Corbett, was especially funny. Shot like a reality TV show, the cameras focus on the Ghostfacer team spending the night in a haunted house. Of course, Sam and Dean show up to throw flies in their ointment. Ed Zeddmore lives on... chasing ghosts.

We round off the list with the closing episode of season 4.

Best character: Death (or is it Mr. Death?).
Favorite human character: Kevin Tran, the Prophet. Funny lines, under-appreciated.

Rock on boys, and give us 11 more seasons of excellent Supernatural episodes, please. "Carry on my wayward sons..."

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The show is one of the few cult hits that actually delivers what it promises.  If only the X-files had delivered on it's premise as well as this!  Hard to pick favorites, as Supernatural's 10 best episodes really only stand up if you watch the whole series.

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