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Top 20 Superhero Songs About Comic Book Characters

Superhero songs have been a part of pop and rock music for five decades. Ever since the first comic books rolled off the presses, artists have put their heroes into songs.  These are the top 20 superhero songs that charted:

1 – Heroes
(1977) by David Bowie. The best superhero song on the charts. We can be heroes, just for one day.

2 – Iron Man (1970) by Black Sabbath, a power metal anthem for the metal man: the Invincible Iron Man.

3 – Magneto & Titanium Man by Paul McCartney & Wings from the Venus and Mars LP.

4 – Superman (Wish I Could Fly Like) by the Kinks. Great song with a comedic flavor. I wanna fly, but I can't even swim...

5 – Flash (1980) by Queen, who also recorded Invisible Man

6 – Ghost Rider (2002) by Rush from “Vapor Trails.”

7 – Thor by Manowar from the album “Sign of the Hammer”

8 – Spider-Man by the Ramones, recording the Saturday morning cartoon theme.

9 –  Spider Woman (1972) by Uriah Heap

10 – Human Torch (1983) by Porcelain Forhead

11 – Ride Captain Ride (1970) by Blues Image, for Captain America, along with “Shield” by Deep Purple.

12 – Superboy (1980) by Nina Hagen

13 – Invisible Kid (2003) Metallica who also did Hero of the Day

14 – Superfly by Curtis Mayfield in 1972, and 4 Non Blondes in 1992

15 – Batman & Robin (1966) by the Spotlights

16 – Fly, Robin, Fly (1975) by Silver Convention

17 – Super Freak (1981) by Rick James.  Is that a super power?  The super freak comes to the rescue?

18 – Superhero Girl (1998) by Eve 6

19 – Rubberband Man (1976) by the Spinners. Good song, but I doubt he could take Doc Octopus.

20 – Plastic Man (1973) by the Temptations, least cool super power.

For the Villains:
The Joker by the Steve Miller Band

Dr. Heckyll & Mr. Jive by Men at Work

Dr. Mabuse by Propaganda (80's techno band)

Boogie Man by KC & the Sunshine Band

Demolition Man (1981) by the Police

Hollow Man (1985) by the Cult

What about: Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen from Mars (2000) from Bon Jovi ... Hero or Villain?

I'm disappointed Adam and the Ants didn't give us an “Ant Man” song.

So there you have enough superhero songs to make a mix tape for the Comic Con. Have fun, and don't forget to bag 'em and board 'em.

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