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Top 20 Songs for Mothers Day

Top 20 pop and rock songs about mom for mother's day.

It's time to create a mix CD for Mom on Mother's day. We've included songs which are actually about Mothers (as in birth mothers), and not to "mother nature" or mother earth. Too many of these lists are about mother nature, and those should be reserved for Earth Day. Here are the Top 20 songs about Mom!

1 - This is to Mother You - by Sinead O'Connor. Short and sweet, it's our top song track for mother's day. 

2 - Mama Weer All Crazee Now - recorded by Slade (and later done by Quiet Riot) One of the great glam rock songs of the 70's. Thanks, Slade.  This also tops our list of great mom songs.

3 - Mother by Pink Floyd, from The Wall. 

4 - For a Thousand Mothers - Jethro Tull, from the Stand Up LP. and Mother Goose (from the Aqualung LP)

5 - Stacy's Mom - Fountains of Wayne.  Not the most enchanting mother's day song, but it's catchy and poppy, and is an ode to a certain hot mom.

6 - Ma Ma Ma Belle - ELO The Electric Light Orchestra back in the days of "Face the Music."

6 - Your Mother Should Know - Beatles from the Magical Mystery Tour

10 - Mothers Little Helper - Rolling Stones, from way back in the early days.

11 - Mamma Mia - by Abba

12 - Tie Your Mother Down - Queen, from "A Day at the Races" (1976).

13 - Mother - John Lennon

14 - Mama Liked the Roses - Elvis Presley

15 - Mom - Earth Wind & Fire

16 - Mothers Talk - Tears for Fears (ah... los 80s!)

15 - Mama Told me Not to Come - Three Dog Night

14 - Mama Said - Metallica, one of the few good songs from Load.

19 - Mama I'm coming Home - Ozzie Osbourne A good power ballad from the ex-Black Sabbath Oz. "No More Tears" was the last good album from Ozzie, and it was surely his best.

18 - Mama - Genesis. Nice drums and good angst. The word Mama is repeated 274 times in the album version. (that may not be accurate, subject to interpretation).

17 - Tell Mama -from Janis Joplin

20 - Mother Dear - by Styx from the Equinox LP

It's never too late to buy her flowers, so give mom her Mother's Day serenade in style. Put the song list on the player, and make her a nice lunch.

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