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Top 20 Sci-fi Movies for Halloween Night

If you're a big sci-fi fan, but not a big fan of horror – or maybe you just want something different this Halloween.... we have some scary sci-fi movies for your Halloween night.

The Top 20 scary Sci-fi or Sci-fi/horror movies of all time:

1 - Invaders from Mars (1986) The the ultimate Halloween scare in alien form. Spooky aliens come down from space, and eerie things start to happen. Directed by Tobe Hooper (TX Chainsaw Massacre)

2 – The Thing (1982) John Carpenter's scary sci-fi masterpiece is the best sci-fi horror hybrid.

3 – The Omega Man (1971) based on the earlier “Last Man on Earth.” Interesting sci-fi horror film about a disease turning everyone on Earth into vampire creatures. Only our main character is left alive.

4 – Pitch Black (2000) On a planet where it's about to be night for several days, a nocturnal swarm of creatures prey upon the crew of a stranded spaceship.

5 – War of the Worlds (1953) The original movie is a great sci-fi invasion movie. It's both poignant and scary, as the characters run from the alien invaders. The remake from 2005 with Spielberg and Tommy Cruise... eh, not so much.

6 – Alien (1979) Ridley Scott's masterpiece. A crew investigate a derelict ship and find an alien spceies on board.

7 – The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) for a different kind of Halloween treat, experience the musical homage to all science fiction double features.

8 – Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1956 and 1978

9 - The Mist (2007) Based on the Stephen King novel, a window to another world lets creatures loose on a small town in Maine.
10 – Predator (1987) An alien hunter comes to Earth to hunt human soldiers.

11 – Mimic (1997) Creepy film about a creatures which can disguise itself and live among humans.

12 – The Fly (1986) A scientist's invention accidentally turns him into part-fly.

13 – The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) It's alive!

14 – Cloverfield (2008) A giant alien creature terrorizes a city, and our protagonists try to escape. Shot in a “real” camera point of view. A selfie movie, as such.

15 – Scanners (1981) A group of renegade telepaths use their powers for evil.

16 – They Live (1988) A man discovers that aliens are already walking among us.

17 – Event Horizon (1997) Evil resides on an abandoned spaceship that a crew is sent to investigate/

18 – Cube (1997) Strangers awake inside a cube room and try to get out. Compelling and under-appreciated movie.

19 – The Faculty (1998) Alien teachers … scary hormone-driven teenagers. What could go wrong?

20 – Pandorum (2009) A crew awakes in a spaceship without any memory of how they got there. And then they find out they might not be alone.

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Honorable Mention:
“Apollo 18” (2011) not great, but not bad.
“Videodrone” (1983) Bad things happen on one TV channel.
“The X-Files” (1998) based on the long-running TV series.
“Halloween III”(1982) might qualify here, as it has sci-fi roots within it. A scientist wants to kill all the kids on Halloween night, using a device stored in every Halloween mask.

So there you have it, the scariest sci-fi flicks we could find. Go have a Happy alien inter-stellar Halloween!

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