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The 10 Best Star Wars Villains of All Time

The Star Wars movies had some of the best villains ever created. And some of the worst.  Their universe has fuzzy creatures and scary monsters we love to love, and sometimes love to hate. Even beyond the scope of the films, there are villains in the novels, comic books and games. Based on a Top2040 survey of Star Wars aficionados and general Sci-fi fans, here are the top 10 Star Wars villains of all time:

1 - Darth Vader - the big daddy himself comes in at the top spot.  His theme music playing as he glides across the deck of the Imperial Cruiser Tyderium.... nothing tops him.

2 - Boba Fett - the most popular bounty hunter in the galaxy. He struck a deal with Vader, and brought Han back to Jabba, sealed in carbonite.

3 - Emperor Palpatine - in Return of the Jedi, the old man really brought the heat.

4 - Count Dooku - any villain played by Christopher Lee is bound to be a favorite.

5 - Jabba the Hutt - the fattest of all our Star Wars characters (except for maybe the Sarlacc).

6 - Darth Malek - the Sith Lord from the "Star Wars: Knights of the Republic" book series

7 - Jar Jar Binks - So evil! he ruined an entire movie, and almost extended his grasp into the next one. Such treachery is beyond the scope of most villains.

8 - General Grievous- the four-armed saber expert from Episode II

9 - Darth Maul - he wielded a pretty nice double saber in the first prequel.

10 - Grand Moff Tarkin - who commanded the first Death Star.  The first of many. "Charming to the last."

Honorable Mention to Greedo - the bounty hunter who tried to take Han Solo back to Jabba in "A New Hope." (he failed), and Bib Fortuna, Jabba's chief of staff;
along with Kylo Ren from Episode VII: The Force Awakens.  Vader's grandson has moxie, as does the new Supreme Leader (well animated).

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