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Best Teen Comedy Movies of the 80s

80's Teen Comedies: The 20 funniest and wittiest teen comedies from the 80s - the fun decade.

The teen comedy was perfected in the 80s. The writing was good, the banter was witty, and the actors were hip, sarcastic and funny. The outrageous hair color and clothes were just a bonus. John Hughes dominated the teen comedy scene of the eighties, and we thank him for all the funny moments on film. You'll notice most "teen comedies" take place in 1 night or 1 day. Here are the best teen comedy movies of the 80s.

1 - Sixteen Candles (1984) Anthony Michael-Hall, Molly Ringwald, a young John Cusack, and countless fresh stars brought this John Hughes movie to life. At the Friday night high school dance, the scenes are memorable of every kid's high school days. The bet to get the girl's panties, the crushes, the heartbreak, nerds and dance snafus.... all very cleverly written and performed. It's worth seeing it again every few years, and it tops our list of 80s teen comedies.

2 - Fast Times At Ridgement High (1982) With probably the most memorable soundtrack, Fast Times ranks 2 nd on our 80s teen comedy movie list. Spicoli (Sean Penn) has some of the best lines, as does Brad (Judge Reinhold), but Phoebe Cates steals the show in her bikini to the backdrop of The Cars "Moving in Stereo." See the movie to appreciate it.

2/tie - The Breakfast Club (1985) John Hughes is back with most of the brat pack. 5 Students spend a Saturday in detention and learn something about each other.

3 - Better Off Dead (1985) John Cusack and Curtis Armstrong starred, directed by Savage Steve Holland. A heartbroken teen challenges his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend to a ski race.Very sharp, and very funny. Best line: "Two dollars!"

4 - Modern Girls (1986) starring Daphne Zuniga, Cynthia Gibb and Clayton Rohner. Clever and well-written movie with classic 80s hair, clothes, clubs, and sets. Three girls hop from club to club searching for a pop star, Bruno X, and meet other love interests. Several immortal lines will have you talking about it the next day.

5 - Pretty in Pink (1986) Another John Hughes gem that we all remember well. Jon Cryer starts along with Andrew McCarthy and Molly Ringwald.

6 - The Last American Virgin (1982) A great soundtrack ushered in this silly, but good movie.

7 - License to Drive (1988) Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. A teen boy fails his driver's test, but lies about it and takes his dad's expensive car out on a date. What could go wrong?  A Top2040 favorite.

8 - Weird Science (1985) Two teen boys create a hot woman, just as Frankenstein created his creature. She teaches them how to have fun. Stars Anthony Michael-Hall and Ian Mitchell-Smith.

9 - Risky Business (1983) Tom Cruise steals a girl from Guido the killer pimp.

10 - The Wild Life (1984) with a spiffy Bananarama soundtrack, this movie is about teens moving out and
moving forward. The sex, booze, and antics are just picked up along the way.

11 - Can't Buy Me Love (1987) A high school boy pays a girl to be his girlfriend and make him popular. How could this not end well?

12 - Some Kind of Wonderful (1987) chasing the wrong chick.

13 - A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon (1988) River Phoenix gives a funny performance as a teen trying to raise $110 for school in one night.

14 - Ferris Buehler's Day Off (1986) Matthew Broderick stars as a high school student who skips one day of school and has some fun with his friends.

15 - One Crazy Summer (1986) Demi Moore and John Cusack

16 - Like Father, Like Son (1987) Kirk Cameron and Dudley Moore switch bodies.

17 - Teen Wolf (1985) years before the shirt-ripping TV series, Michael J. Fox was the teen wolf, and the sport was basketball, not lacrosse.

18 - Zapped (1982) Scott Baio gets strange powers from a high school science experiment gone awry.

Best pre-teen comedy: "The Goonies"
...and "Revenge of the Nerds" is actually post-teen, as they are college students.

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The best teen comedies of the 80's to boost your mood.

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