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Best Undiscovered Jethro Tull Songs

The top 20 under-appreciated and lesser-known Jethro Tull songs that rarely get the credit they deserve. These are the lesser known Tull tunes that often get skipped, but should be played more often. There's more to Jethro Tull than Aqualung and Thick As A Brick.
Jethro Tull have been rocking and serenading us for more than fifty years. With a few #1 albums and a huge library of over 300 songs, a few songs seems to have got buried under the gold. It's like a pile of gold coins with a few emeralds buried at the bottom. Plenty of Jethro Tull songs get attention: Aqualung, Thick as A Brick, Budapest, Minstrel in the Gallery, Rocks on the Road, etc. But what about those hidden gems? This is a list of some great Tull tunes that rarely get heard, are rarely played live, and almost never mentioned on forums - but are some of the nicest Jethro Tull songs.

The 20 most under-appreciated, lesser-known Jethro Tull songs:

1 - Orion (1979) Stormwatch was the most under-appreciated album Jethro Tull ever released. Orion is an intricate song that I've never heard live, rarely see on lists, but is one of my favorites.

2 - Rover (1978) from Heavy Horses, which does get a lot of credit, but Rover is a track usually missed. The complex music here plays effortlessly - it's a graceful song.

3 - Dr. Boogenbroom (1972) from Living in the Past, this Tull song has some of the best lyrics on the map, along with a killer acoustic rock mesh.
I have one foot in the graveyard and the other on the bus, And the passengers do trample each other in the rush.

4 - Toad in The Hole (1983) from the Ian Anderson "Walk into Light" album.

5 - Slow Marching Band (1982) magical song that wraps up side 1 of Broadsword and the Beast. Oops, I've just dated myself. What's an album side?

6 - The Flying Dutchman (1979, Stormwatch), powerful and dynamic, one of the finest Jethro Tull songs ever written, but rarely ever discussed. A ballad wrapped around a hard rock candy center. The middle riff phantasm is cosmic.

7 - Alive and Well and Living In (1970) short but sweet from Benefit

8 - Living in these Hard Times ( 1988) 20 Years Box Set, it's amazing this great song was originally cut from Heavy Horses

9 - Silver River Turning (1993) from Nightcap, which is filled with great under-appreciated songs.

10 - Fly by Night (1983) another track from Ian's "Walk into Light" CD

11 - At Last, Forever (1995) from the CD Roots to Branches

12 - Ladies (1974) from the album Warchild

13 - Whaler's Dues (1989) - Rock Island. To be fair, I have heard this live, but it's still under-appreciated. A compelling story song.

14 - Pibroch (Cap in Hand) 1977, Songs from the Wood got plenty of attention, but this song usually gets passed by. It's one of the strongest tracks on the LP.

15 - Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow (1988) 20 Years Box: originally cut from Broadsword.

16 - Weathercock (1978) the final wrapping on Heavy Horses

17 - Mounten Men (1987) Crest of a Knave has more than just Farm on the Freeway.

18 - And Further On (1980) the "A" album usually just gets pulled for "Working John..." and "Black Sunday," but the LP's last track "And Further On" is very nice. This could have been used in the Lord of the Rings.

19 - Heat (1984) from the infamous and cursed Under Wraps CD. "Heat" rocks.

20 - Home (1979) we finish where we started, with Stormwatch, the least appreciated Tull LP. Every song on this album showcases Ian Anderson's indelible songwriting talent.

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Give these lesser-known Tull songs a new listen. Discover Jethro Tull all over again...

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