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Top 20 Break-Up Songs of All Time

Best pop and rock songs about breaking-up with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

A good break-up or divorce is like a fine wine: it needs to be chilled and served up to perfection, with compassion or anger (your choice). You need the perfect music in the background, a break-up song mix CD. Find a secluded place, sit your girlfriend or boyfriend down, play the right songs, and kick him to the curb (or her). These are the top 20 break-up songs in pop and rock music.

1 - Time for Me to Fly by REO Speedwagon. Nothing says it better than this classic REO tune, when you've had enough of this affair, and it's time to move on. "I've had enough of the falseness of a worn out relation; I believe it's time for me to fly"

2 - Don't Come Around Here No More by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. Also an excellent Music Video.

3 - Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac The most upbeat break-up song ever written. It almost makes you happy to be breaking up!

4 - Love Will Tear Us Apart - by Joy Division

5 - Breaking Up Is Hard to Do by Neil Sedaka The cheesiest song of our play list, but it fits like a glove. Separating is not easy, so pull it off like a band-aid.

6 - What Have I Done to Deserve This? by the Pet Shop Boys

7 - It's Over by ELO Electric Light Orchestra, a great song for any day.

9 - Unforgiven by Metallica If it's bad enough for a break up, it's probably an unforgettable, unforgiven mistake she or he did. Besides, playing this song in the background is just ominous enough for a somber break up. Do it on a rainy day, and you'll both be in tears. Hey, maybe you'll even reconcile. ...Nah!

10 - The Break-up Song by Greg Kihn Band. They don't write 'em like that anymore. Break-up on a sunny day with this song in the background, and it will almost seem like a fun day. A walk in the park...

11 - Tainted Love by Soft Cell

12 - Get Off Of My Cloud by the Rolling Stones

13 - It's Raining Again by Supertramp.

14 - Lyin' Eyes - The Eagles sang the most famous of lying, cheating, "no-good spouse" songs.

15 - Break It Up by Foreigner

16 - Tracks of My Tears by Smokey Robinson & the Miracles

17 - Break It Off by Rihanna

18 - Stop! In the Name of Love by the Supremes

19 - Better That We Break by Maroon 5

20 - The End by the Doors

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