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Top 10 Movies for Summer

The best movies for your summer movie marathon, from comedy to horror, camping to golfing, and more.

Summertime is the time for hot dogs, popcorn, and outdoor movies. Get the extension chord, and run the TV & DVD player to the back yard. Here are the top summer movies to watch and enjoy every summer. These top summer movies never get old.

10 The Great Outdoors (1988) John Candy and Dan Aykroyd are brilliant here, as always. Two families go on summer vacation to a lakefront cabin. This is a classic comedy from a superb cast. Directed by John Hughes.

9 Stand by Me (1986) During the summer break, four boys head out along the train tracks to camp overnight and find a dead body. Based on a Stephen King story. This movie launched the careers of River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, Wil Wheaton and Jerry O'Connell.

8 Sleepaway Camp (1983) Straight from the 80s run of summer camp slasher movies. This one stands out with a surprising twist ending. There's a maniac on the loose at the summer lake, but you'd never guess who it is. Watch this on a cricket-filled summer night, and try to guess the ending.

7 Summer Rental (1985) John Candy burns out as an air traffic controller, and takes the family on a vacation to the beach. Of course, the beach house isn't as exotic or nice as in the brochure. The jokes are well-timed, and Candy is hilarious, as always.

6 Friday the 13th (Original, 1980) The ultimate summer camp movie. Watch this one on a hot summer night around a campfire, with lots of popcorn and friends. Kevin Bacon sparked his career in FF13, too.

5 One Crazy Summer (1986) One of John Cusack's earliest movies, co-starring Demi Moore. Directed by Savage Steve Holland. This is a witty movie that's often overlooked. John goes on a summer vacation to the beach, and falls in love with a girl (Demi). He and his friends try to help her save her home from greedy land developers. It's good summer fun.

4 What About Bob? (1989) Richard Dreyfus and Bill Murray team up as psychiatrist and patient, out at the doctor's summer lake home. The antics and dialogue are timeless. I especially like the goldfish Bob brings along.

3 The Sandlot (1983) An excellent movie about a bunch of kids getting through the summer. They play baseball, swim and face a giant dog. It may not sound great, but "The Sandlot" has some brilliant writing. The kid cast is priceless. "Yeah Yeah" was my favorite supporting character.

2 Caddyshack (1980) Directed by Harold Ramis,starring Rodney Dangerfield, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray and Ted Knight; it's still funny today. "Caddyshack" is a classic movie about working at a golf course during the summer, and the quirks of the staff and guests.

1 - Jaws (1975) This movie needs no introduction, the movie that put Spielberg on the map. No summer movie marathon can be complete with the summer blockbuster that taught us, "Don't go into the water." If anyone hasn't yet seen this seminal shark attack movie, now is the time. Watch it on your portable screen aboard a boat, or maybe on an island. Then swim ashore. It's what summer is all about. After the screening, watch "Deep Blue Sea" and "Piranha."

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