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Top 10 Road Trip Songs for Cruising

Great songs for driving on the road this summer. Led Zeppelin, REO, Queen and more...

It's time for a new summer road trip. Crank up the cassettes, and get the Impala on the road. My favorite line from the TV show Supernatural is, "Dean, you need to update your cassette collection. Well, for one : they're cassettes." Ok, use a CD player and/or MP3 player; but don't take the gas-guzzling SUV.
Anyway, here's a list of my top 10 favorite songs for a road trip. Put them on and crank up the volume.

#10 Let's Go! by the Cars (1979) Nothing says summer road trip like a good Cars song, and "Let's Go" sums it all up. Just hope we can afford the gas.

#9 Never Let me Down Again (ride with my best friend) Depeche Mode (1987). Smooth and silky as new plush seats. It just rides with you.

#8 Bicycle Race by Queen (1978) A road trip doesn't have to be in a car, especially now that the world has going eco-green. Head out with bikes on a group road trip.

#7 Take it on the Run by REO Speedwagon (1981) Cruisin' is REO Speedwagen's middle name. It's what they were made for. No deep sentiment here, but a good tune about moving on.

#6 Ho! Summer By Tackey & Tsubasa (2006) A set of very popular singers in Japan, Takkey & Tsubasa (Hideaki Takizwa and Tsubasa Imai), released a great summer song (and summer video). Even if you don't understand the lyrics, the music really propels you into the spirit of things.

#5 Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John ... the freedom of the open road, and a good strong song.

#4 Driver's Seat by Sniff n' the Tears (1979) Nuff said.

#3 Cruel Summer by Bananarama (1983) I've always liked this big-beat song. The MTV video showed gas at 1.48 -- This song was also featured in "the Karate Kid." Add it to your driving song mix.

#2 I Drove all Night by Cyndi Lauper (1989) Still better than most female artists of today; Cyndi Lauper can sing rings around Lady Gaga and leave her confused in the dust.

#1 Kashmir by Led Zeppelin (1975) The ultimate driving song, especially late at night. Cruise under the moonlight along any secluded highway on your way to anywhere. Play the original version, no remake or rap rip-off. The original Zep will get you where you're going.

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Now hit the road with your road trip play list.
And don't look back.

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