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Best Jethro Tull Acoustic Ballads and Love Songs

A list of Jethro Tull's slow songs, softer ballads, and the best loved acoustic tunes.

Known for faster acoustic songs, Jethro Tull do have a nice set of slow songs and ballads, both acoustic and orchestrated. Too often these songs get passed over, but they deserve another look, or listen. These slower songs really shine in between the hard pieces. Hopefully new fans can use this list to discover another side of Tull. From Top2040, here are the 20 best Jethro Tull acoustic ballads:

1 – Home (1979) from the Stormwatch album, Jethro Tull's most under-appreciated LP. This song beautifully orchestrated.

2 – Slow Marching Band (1982) from the CD: Broadsword and the Beast, which was the #1 album in Germany, just as Tull were beginning to slip out of the top 10 in the US.

3 – Ladies (1974) from Warchild, a fantastic acoustic ballad that usually gets overlooked.

4 – Moths (1978) Heavy Horses, which also houses the faster ballad of hope: Weathercock.

5 – Under Wraps (1984) the acoustic version is soft, nice.

6 – Requiem (1975) from Minstrel in the Gallery, a prolific album of both hard hitters and soft songs.

7 – Fires at Midnight (1978) the closing track on Songs from the Wood.

8 – Broadford Bazaar (1993) from the Nightcap set, we often forget about this candy coated song, but it's an excellent tune with all the hallmark Tull instruments chiming in.

9 – The Whaler's Dues (1989) from Rock Island, it tells the sad story of a whaler's life.

10 – Sossity: You're a Woman (1970) an acoustic delight on the Benefit album

11 – At Last Forever (1995) Roots to Branches

12 – Wond'ring Again (1972) even better than it's predecessor: Wond'ring Aloud. Both are favorites at Top2040 and are considered under-appreciated.

13 – Jack in the Green (1978) another great acoustic song appearing on Songs from the Wood.

14 – And Further On (1980) from the unpopular “A” album, which had a few bright spots.

15 – Still Loving You Tonight (1991) from Catfish Rising

16 – Cheap Day Return (1971) from the Aqualung Album, this song is short but sweet.

17 – Look into the Sun (1969) from Stand Up, their 2nd LP.

18 – The Chequered Flag (Dead or Alive) from “Too Old to Rock n Roll, Too Old to Die.”

19 – She Said She Was A Dancer (1987) Crest of a Knave

20 – Elegy, we round off the list with a sweet instrumental that closed out Stormwatch perfectly.

That was a look at side A, the soft side of Tull.

For side B, check out the Top2040.com list of hard rock songs:

“Baker Street Muse” is a great mix of ballad and fast song, from Minstrel in the Gallery; it's hard to place this song in either category – and we love it.

“Life's a Long Song” isn't really a slow ballad, but it's a great Jethro Tull acoustic song, along with "Rocks on the Road." Tull have more fast moving acoustic songs than they have slow ballads. Their diversity is one of their many strengths. Ian Anderson is a genius, whether he is soothing us in a ballad, angry in hard rock, or mixing both in many the Jethro Tull songs we love.

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