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Top 25 Songs by Queen

The 25 Best Songs by Rock Super-group Queen: Freddie, Brian, Roger and John

Queen was a unique band, using guitars and no synthesizers, they created a sound that no one could mimic. As a rock band, Queen stood out far above the crowd. Hard rock, progressive, highly vocal, and sometimes sweet. The critics hated them, and the fans loved them! Queen rocked our world like no other band could... and we thank them for it. My best memories are holding a Queen LP (yes, vinyl with inserts and lyrics), and listening to earth-shattering music. Very hard to choose favorites, but here are the top 25 Queen songs:

25 - "39" from A Night at the Opera, a Brian May acoustic song about a spaceship in the future

24 - Another One Bites the Dust , their first #1 single in the US, this song from The Game dominated the radio in 1980. It's the only Queen song I think I cannot listen to again, but a mighty fine song it was!

23 - Killer Queen from Sheer Heart Attack

22 - It's Late , a strong Brian May song from News of the World.

21 - My Fairy King from their debut LP (released in July, 1973). Even in the beginning these guys rocked with a unique style, and the world knew great things were coming.

20 - Flash's Theme from the Flash Gordon movie soundtrack. Flash! Ahhh!

19 - Flick the of Wrist from Sheer Heart Attack

18 - The Prophet's Song from A Night At the Opera.

17 - Hammer to Fall from The Works CD of 1984. It took me a decade to fall in love with this LP, but I always loved this song. The harmony and drums are like butter-syrup on pancakes. The headbanger's mix [bonus track] on the CD is my favorite.

16 - The Show Must Go On from Innuendo

15 - Too Much Love Will Kill You , a song written in 1988 for The Miracle album, but cut and later included on Made in Heaven, four years after Freddie's death.

14 - Radio Ga Ga from the album The Works, Roger Taylor was foretelling the silliness of pop songs to come, and how television would overtake radio as a medium. Maybe he knew Lady GaGa was coming to destroy music. Roger was a soothsayer.

13 - One Vision from the album A Kind of Magic

12 - Save Me from The Game. Beautiful tune.

11 - Don't Stop Me Now from Jazz

10 - Tenement Funster , we enter the Top 10 with this Sheer Heart Attack staple. Talent screams from this tune. What other band could ever write this way?

9 - Teo Torriate (Let Us Cling Together) from A Day At The Races. We learned Japanese for this song! I still remember every word. Teo Torreate konomameko, aishirahirtoyo...

8 - We Will Rock You, listen to the live version from "Live Killers," … very cool.

7 - We Are the Champions, the companion to We Will Rock You, this song defined 1977-78.

6 - I Want It All from from CD: The Miracle

5 - Under Pressure, together with David Bowie, Queen created one of the memorable songs of our time. Both poignant in lyrics and tempestuous in chords, this song will live on forever in the halls of rock music.  

4 - Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen's most famous song, it needs no introduction.

3 - White Man from A Day At The Races LP, a powerful track that burned many of my stereo needles. Brian May's guitar at its finest, Roger's percussion stands out, Frederick's vocals and John's heavy bass. It was the song that won many of my schoolmates over to the Queen fan side.

2 - The March of the Black Queen from the indelible Queen II album

1 - Somebody to Love , from A Day At The Races, this song has it all. It is a quintessential Queen song. A hard mixture of everything Queen does well, from acapella to driving guitars and percussion.

Too many great Queen songs, too little time.

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