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Political Songs About the US Government Shutdown

Songs dedicated to the failure of the government during the recent shutdown.

The Federal Government shutdown is an embarrassment to the Unites States of America. Boehner and Ted Cruz (with that Gomer Pyle grin) don't care - they are just focused on keeping health care from Americans, or rather from other Americans. As long as they have their fat wallet plan, they don't care if you or I have any health care or die in the streets. This right-wing government shutdown is a joke to them. Selfish, but rather than rant, we'll say what we mean in song. Here are the top 15 songs for the US Government Shutdown:

1 - House of Shame (1989) by the Bee Gees

2 - Shut Down (1995) by Soul Ayslum.  Just dysfunctional ... shut down, shut down.

3 - Closedown (1989) by the Cure.  The empty hours of greed, and uselessly always the need

4 - Money (1973) by Pink Floyd from Dark Side of the Moon. Money, So they say, Is the root of all evil today

5 - Shut Down (1963) by the Beach Boys

6 - Such a Shame (1984) by Talk Talk

7 - Shut Em Down 1991by Public Enemy

8 - National Health (1979) by the Kinks, because that's what this is all about. Stopping our country's ability to care for it's own people.

9 - Shut it Down (2009) by Pitbull and Akron

10 - Shut it Out (1991) by the Fixx

11 - Take it to the Limit (1975) by the Eagles

12 - Born Stubborn (1996) by Sepultura

13 - Bang Your Head (Metal Health) recorded by Quiet Riot in 1983. This is as much for the average American trying to understand this, as it is for the inept mediators in Congress.

14 - Cocaine (1977) Eric Clapton for John B. and the Republicans having a party over at the Bush household and laughing at America. Ol' W. has got some snow left over from his earlier days in the White House.

15 - Elected (1976) by Alice Cooper. No chance in hades for a Republican to ever get elected again. Even so, no good can come of this debacle.  I've always been cool! I wanna be elected!

Bonus Track: "We Can't Stop" parody by Miley Cyrus on SNL: "So Shut Down Now"

Even when the government re-opens, the damage is done by this Republican Government Shutdown. We're a joke to the rest of the world. Money lost, time wasted. Our representatives are like kids in a schoolyard fighting over a sandbox. But anyway, let's move on and repair the fissures in our great battered country. Move on and get back to work.

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Vote: 4 more years of rock 'n roll.  The Senate?  It's already a bust.  (This was all done in fun, no hate mail, please)

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