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Most Under-Rated and Under-Appreciated Movies of Our Time

When movies don't get enough attention, or don't get the awards they deserve, they get passed up by people who might enjoy them.  These are movies you really should make an effort to see.

A lot of good movies get made and passed by. Some never get the awards or even the audience they deserve. This list has some of the best films that didn't get noticed. They deserve a closer look.

1 Harold and Maude (1971) One of the funniest and quirkiest movies ever made. The comedy is subtle, the script is brilliant, and the acting is genius. Harold (Bud Cort) is a teen boy in love with a 70 year old woman (Ruth Gordon). She teaches him how to live life. Their odd relationship is compelling to watch. Vivian Pickles is hilarious as Harold's mother. It also has a good soundtrack is by Cat Stevens.

2 Better Off Dead. (1985) Starring John Cusack, directed by Steve Holland. A very funny movie that should not be missed. A high school student tries to get over his girl friend's breakup, and win a ski contest too. The comic timing is brilliant.

3 Grandma's Boy. In 2006 Nicholaus Goossen directed his best film with Allen Covert (who appeared as Adam Sandler's sidekick in the Wedding Singer), Shirley Jones and Jonah Hill. A video game designer loses his home and has to move in with his Grandma. The cast is superb, the writing is brilliant, and it rolls off the screen like a ball of honey. This movie deserved more attention; it's everything a comedy should be.

4 Titan A.E. (2000) Possibly the best animation of all time, and completely overlooked. Ten people saw this, besides me. It's smart, well directed, and the alien characters are perfect. The animation is first rate, and the sci-fi story is well written. Even with the voices of Drew Barrymore and Matt Damon, no one cared about “Titan AE” but I enjoyed it thoroughly, many times. Directed by Don Bluth.

5 Surf's Up (2007) is One of the best animated movies ever! It centers around a Penguin who enters a surf competition. The characters are compelling, and the voices perfect. The jokes were smart and funny! I had to watch it 3 times to get all the side jokes, and things happening in the background. Why didn't this movie rocket to the top? Throw your Shrek dvd into the trash and get “Surf's Up” instead! If you have a brain, you'll love it! Unique voices of Jon Heder, Jeff Bridges, and James Woods.

6 The Changeling. (1980) Starring George C. Scott, this is one of the best horror films of all time. It deserved some awards, but got none. Few people even saw it. It's one of the scariest and smartest films out there.

7 Big Trouble in Little China. John Carpenter is a genius, but he doesn't always get recognized for it. This movie was missed at the box office, but is gaining some cult status on DVD. It's an excellent film, and one of the most under-appreciated movies of all time.

8 Equilibrium Christian Bale gave an early, intriguing performance in an under-appreciated futuristic movie. Superb action, good story.

9 Modern Girls (1986) A great flick about 3 girls who need to score a ride to a club. Not many people saw this movie, it was forgotten quickly; but it's witty and funny. Few movies can pull off as many good lines.

10 Superbad (2007) An incredible comedy, and Michael Cera proves to be a clever actor. This time it's 3 high school boys who need to score some liquor for a party later that night. The comic timing here is perfect.

11 The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (2002) starring Emile Hirsch, Jodie Foster and Kieran Culkin. Unusual film, riveting to watch.

12 Outland Starring Sean Connery, you'd think this would have shot to the top. It was a great sci-fi movie that got overlooked. A good script, well directed, and well played.

Try to check out some of these under-appreciated movies.
Great movies sometimes just slip in under the radar.

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