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The Most Over-Rated Movies of All Time

Some movies get awards and don't deserve them, or get popular - but really aren't that good. These are the most over-rated movies of all time.

Some movies are good, even entertaining, but get too much hype. I am a big sci-fi fan, but a lot of Sci-fi movies still got on my list of the most over-rated movies of all time: average movies that don't deserve any accolades.

An historically inaccurate telling of a ship that sank. Cardboard characters, and a slow, plodding film. Yeah, sign me up for that one! Or maybe we can watch TV reruns instead. How many times has the story of the Titanic already been told? A dozen TV movies and 2 other feature films tell the story better. I'd prefer to see a more original story told. That said, it was a bad movie any way you slice it. This is the only entry that really does stink to high heaven. It wasn't just overrated – “Titanic” was literally a bad movie. Millions of girls sent it to #1 just to see Leo, and only Cameron's wallet knows how the Oscar got there.

James Cameron excels at creating over-hyped, over-rated movies. Someday I'd like to ask him how much an Oscar costs (but I'm certainly not implying he paid for them). Avatar impressed a lot of people with the special effects and the cool 3D glasses handed out before the film. If you remove the effects from the equation, what is left? Possibly the most over-told, lame story in the books, and almost no plot or character development. This story has been told many times, retold, stolen, and told again, before Cameron swiped it one more time to tell the tired tale of a lost people who are about to be wiped out by some greedy corporations and the mindless military. The actor playing the evil general has even played this same role in countless movies and TV shows. Thousands of movies have neat special effects. I need to have a story, plot, and something more. “Avatar” was boring. I guessed the ending 30 minutes into it. I was so bored I went to get popcorn 2 times. When I left the preview screening, I thought “That was cool, but it won't make it. It's a full miss.” I was shocked to see the next few weeks take it to #1, and amazed when this film actually got an award. A sub-par B movie at best. Why does everyone worship it? Truly, the Emperor has no clothes (do you see them?).

The Matrix 2 and 3
The first “Matrix” movie was interesting and fun to watch. It even stretched our imagination, taking the old Twilight Zone episode and spinning it into a great film. Nicely done. So what happened with the 2 sequels? They dropped the ball, along with all logic and storytelling. Nothing to see here, folks, move along...

The English Patient
Certainly the most boring movie of all time. Did anyone actually watch it all the way through in one sitting?

Transformers 2, 3, 4
The first Transformers movie was pretty good. The second was just a lot of robots smashing each other up. I actually liked all the Trans movies, and I watched some of the robot scenes a second time. However, they are over-hyped and a bit overrated. Solid “average” movies for a fun evening. Edit 50 minutes from each, and you get even better entertainment.

Armageddon. Ben Afleck's appearance in a movie usually spells failure. This one failed miserably, giving us a dark and illogical script to follow. The ending was as silly as the putty on the reel.

Jerry Maguire
Sometimes a movie takes itself too seriously. Tom Cruise missed completely on this one. It's an after-school special at best, except “show me the money” isn't the best message to send to the greediest country on earth. Isn't that Apple's new motto?

SAW (I to IV)
The SAW movies were awful. There is no other way to put it. I am a big horror fan, but I found the SAW films to be monotonous and predictable. They lacked any scare quality whatsoever. To be fair, they didn't win any awards, but they are overrated with the fans. How they reached the top of the box office is beyond me. They look more like straight-to-video B movies.

ID4 : Independence Day
Again, this movie didn't get any awards, but the fans loved it. Why? I have no idea. Aliens can be wiped out by a Microsoft computer virus? Aliens using Windows Vista? Bill Pullman was absurd as the President. Sappy.

Shrek (all 17 parts)
Are there only 4?  I lost track of how many sequels Shrek now has. These movies were “kinda funny” if you like bathroom jokes. Even my nephew thought they were just average. With all the great animations out there today, why do people love the Shrek films so much? I have no clue. They are good, but not great. Overrated maximum style.

As an extra: let's just mention The Blair Witch Project only got famous because it was made for $99 and a bottle cap. If you look closely, though, it was less interesting than staring at a bottle cap. It can now be featured in a class on Bad Movie Making 101.

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Focus less on the over-rated movies, and keep searching for hidden gems. Let's get back to positive movies.

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