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Top 20 Songs About Ice and Frozen Water

Best songs about ice. The coolest icicle play-list to thaw your frozen ears.

Winter has reared its ugly head again, and it's time for a cold ice and icicle song list. We have an ice song play-list that's chilly and crisp – an ode to frozen water, either cubed or forming on the sidewalk outside. Songs about ice, frozen water, crushed ice, and the brutality of love in winter.
The top 20 songs about Ice:

1 – Thin Ice (1979) by Pink Floyd from double album: The Wall.

2 – Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day (1974) by Jethro Tull, a famous tune from the indelible Warchild CD.

3 – Icehouse (1980) by Icehouse, the guys who brought us Electric Blue in the 80s

4 – Ice in the Sun (1968) by Status Quo Whenever she comes I melt away Like ice in the sun I melt away

5 – Cold As Ice (1977) by Foreigner from their debut album.

6 – Ice Nine (1978) by Saga

7 – Rivers of Ice (1994) by Simple Minds 

8 – Icicles (1973) by Badfinger

9 – Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (1975) by Bruce Springsteen

10 – Frozen Ones (1977) by Ultravox. Get lost in the frost again … the frozen ones.

11 – Fire and Ice (1981) by Pat Benatar … then you turn a cold shoulder, fire and ice...

12 – Dr. Ice (1976) by Angel, the glam rock bad from the 70's that almost made it.

13 – Black Ice (1985) by Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, and Rick Fenn

14 – Ice (1993) from Sarah McLaughlin

15 – Walking on Thin Ice (1980) by Yoko Ono

16 – Ice Ice Baby by Crazy Frog in 2006 (total refusal to list Vanilla Ice).

17 – Frozen (1998) by Madonna from Ray of Light.

18 – Baby Ice Dog (1973) by Blue Oyster Cult

19 – Trapped Under Ice (1984) by Metallica 

20 – Icicle (1994) by Tori Amos

Bonus Track: Frozen in the Night (1978) by Dan Hill... remember him?

A lot of ice in those tunes; I'm cold just from reading this icy song list. Too much ice for one day, let's move on...

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Winter's ice has put its grip on us.  Play these hot hit songs to thaw your soul.

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