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Top 20 Winter Horror Movies: Scary Movies in Snow

The Best Horror Movies that Take Place in Winter or in Ice and Snow

Most horror movies take place in the summer. Victims are camping, it just seems that the heat brings out the serial killers and goblins. Horror in the snow is a rare cinematic event. The dead winter landscape is often ignored for horror films, maybe because the hot summer nights are favored by ghosts. However, there are some chilling horror movies in the snow. From Top2040, here are the top 20 Horror Movies that take place in the winter - the best winter chills.

1 - John Carpenter's "The Thing" (1982) The ultimate horror in the snow, with a sci-fi element. An arctic expedition uncovers an alien creature frozen in the ice. It thaws, and begins to hunt down the men one by one, taking their forms. The temperature is falling outside, and the danger is crawling inside. Soundtrack and direction are perfect.

2 - The Shining (1980) starring Jack Nicholson. Stephen King has a thing for winter; this is his third entry on the Winter Horror list. A family is snowbound in a haunted hotel with no way out. A chilling novel that unfolds almost as well on screen.

3 - Brotherhood of the Wolf (Le Pacte des Loups, 2001) In the rain and snow of an 18th century winter in France, hunters are sent out to find a murderous beast.

4 - Mutants (2009) A zombie movie in the winter. This indie film is unusual, set in the cold dead of winter, and has some icy twists. This is actually one of the best zombie films from the past decade.

5 - Let the Right One In (2008) The famous Swedish vampire movie takes place in winter snow.

6 - Wind Chill (2007) Car pooling in winter, 2 students become stranded and haunted.

7 - Van Helsing (2004) Hunting Dracula in the snowy Romanian mountains.

8 - Kwaiden (1964) an ice ghost arises in this classic Japanese horror film.

9 - Misery (1990) Based on Stephen King's novel. In the deep snow of Maine, a writer has a car accident and is rescued by a crazy woman.

10 - 30 Days of Night (2007) Vampires wreak havoc in Alaska where the winter nights are long.

11 - Scarce (2008) Stranded in the middle of a snowy nowhere, be careful who you ask for help.

12 - Cold Prey (2007) A snowboarding trip interrupted by a serial killer.

13 - Dead Snow (2009) zombie Nazis in the dead of winter.

14 - Ginger Snaps Back (2004) sequel to the famous werewolf movie takes place in the snow.

15 - Jack Frost (1996) A convicted killer becomes a maniac snowman.  Don't confuse this with the comedy of the same name, or your movie night will take a wrong turn!

16 - Dead of Winter (1987) Mary Steenbergen, Roddy McDowell

17 - Barricade (2012) A family in a lonely winter cabin experiences haunts.

18 - Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) a tormented teenager goes on a rampage in winter.

19 - Frozen (2010) stranded on a ski-lift, 50 feet in the air, with wind chill below zero. This is not the musical, so don't confuse the two, even though the musical is scary as hell. Many still have nightmares about it.

20 - Storm of the Century (1999) based on the Stephen King novel.  Steve did like his snow, and many of his books take place in icy weather.

So there you have it: your chilling winter horror fest on Top2040. Movies in the snow, watch with mittens on.

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