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Top 20 Songs for Easter

The best pop & rock songs for the Easter holiday. Top Easter songs from the Beatles, Supertramp, Queen, and more.

Easter Sunday is coming up, and the holy holiday needs an updated mix CD, a rock soundtrack for Easter. This might help to get your kids on board. Create a CD of rock songs about Easter or related themes. Here are the best songs for Easter:

1 - Crime of the Century (1974) by Supertramp. The ultimate song for Easter, by a great forgotten band. The live version (from the live in Paris album) is especially good.

2 - Jesus (1973) by Queen, from their debut LP.

And then I saw Him in the crowd. a lot of people had gathered round Him, The beggars shouted, the lepers called Him, ... All going down to see the Lord Jesus ...

3 - When Jesus Came to Play (1991) by Jethro Tull

4 - Love Resurrection (1984) by Alison Moyet
We all need a love resurrection, just a little divine intervention....

5 - Miracles Out of Nowhere (1976) by Kansas, along with their later hit "Hold On"

6 - East at Easter (1984) by Simple Minds

7 - Cross of Gold (1974) by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band

8 - White Rabbit (1967) by Jefferson Airplane, so maybe Grace Slick doesn't mean the Easter bunny, but...she also gave us another great Easter song: Miracles (1974) by Jefferson Airplane

9 - Jesus (1974) by Cat Stevens

10 - How far Jerusalem (1985) by Magnum, from the album "On a Storyteller's Night."

11 - Dying to Be Alive (2000) from Hanson

12 - Jesus to a Child (1996) by George Michael

13 - Alive (2006) by Meat Loaf. I'm still alive, must have been a miracle

14 - Carry My Cross (2005) by Third Day

15 - From the Beginning by ELP, Emerson Lake and Palmer from Trilogy in 1972

16 - Father of Day, Father of Night (1973) by Manfred Mann's Earth Band, from the Solar Fire LP.
Father, who build the mountain so high, who shapes the cloud up in the sky...  A 10 minute song from Solar Fire that really sizzles.

17 - Alive (1991) by Pearl Jam

18 - King of Rome (2009) by Pet Shop Boys

19 - Church on Sunday (2000) by Green Day

20 - Rise (1992) by Pantera

Bonus Track: The Lord's Prayer by Sister Janet Meade, a big #1 pop hit in 1974.

Second Bonus Track: I am the Walrus (1967) recorded by the Beatles. I am the egg man.... Yeah, it's a weak leap, but we'll squeeze it in for our Easter Egg hunt.

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Now get those marshmallow peeps in the baskets, hide the eggs, and play these Easter songs all week from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

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