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Top 20 Songs About Rats and Mice

Not a lot of songs have been written about rats and mice, maybe because we fear them so much. However, we did manage to dig up (or trap) more than 20 hit songs about the furry creatures. Here are the Top 20 songs about rats, mice, and other mouse type rodents.

1 - Rat Trap by the Boomtown Rats. Bob Geldoff and the B-Rats turned this into a hit in the mid 80s. It tops our list of cool rat songs.

2 - Great King Rat (1972) by Queen from their debut album; it comes in 2nd place. Great tune, super guitar riff!

3 - One Brown Mouse by Jethro Tull from the LP “Heavy Horses.” A unique and wonderful acoustic song.

4 - All in a Mouse's Night (1976) by Genesis, an early hit from their days of Wind and Wuthering.

5 - Flight of the Rat by Deep Purple

6 – Rat in My Kitchen by UB40, a forgettable hit, but a cool tune. (originally spelled “in mi kitchen”)

7 - Dead Cats, Dead Rats (1970) by the Doors

8 – Bullet with Butterfly Wings (1996) from Smashing Pumpkins. Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage...

9 – Rat Fink (1995) by the Misfits

10 – Bike (1967) by Pink Floyd. I know a mouse, and he hasn't got a house... The Pink also recorded: Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered

11 – Rat Race (1963) by the Drifters, and also by Billy Idol in 1985.

12 – Three Blind Mice (1986) by Skinny Puppy

13 – Dazed and Confused by Lep Zeppelin … feel like a mouse....

14 – ...And the Mouse Police Never Sleeps by Jethro Tull, another magnificent song from their 11th LP.

15 – Of Mice and Men by Megadeth

16 - The Black Rats of London by Bruce Hornsby

17 – Rat Salad (1971) by Black Sabbath

18 – Caged Rat (1995) by Soul Ayslum

19 – Strange Tales, Strange Tails (1990) by XTC

20 – Road Rats by Alice Cooper, who also recorded “Poison” for the pest control of these furry menaces. Actually the song was about artists living on the road, but somehow it still works here.

Honorable Mention:  Mickey by Toni Basil, and Minnie the Moocher by Cab Calloway

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They're not pretty, but these are the hottest songs about rats and mice, rodents and “varmits”. Not sure why you needed them, but your MP3 player is now set, cheese and all.

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