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Top 20 Conspiracy Movies of All Time

The best conspiracy theories and conspiracies in cinema. The most interesting and recommended conspiracy movies involving large-scale plots or cover-ups.

We're looking here at the best conspiracy theories and "conspiracy movies" involving a large group of conspirators or a government. If 3 people conspire to kill someone, it's not a big conspiracy - it's more of a murder movie. Here we are only looking at large scale cover-ups. Based on the quality of the movie, and not the quality of the conspiracies themselves, these are the top 20 Conspiracy Movies of all time:

1 - Three Days of the Condor (1975) Robert Redford is a CIA agent working in a small linguistics office. When uncovers a plot and reports it, his own agency kills the staff at his office. He escapes and goes on the run.

2 - Capricorn One (1978) A moon landing is faked by the US government.

3 - Valkyrie (2008) The true story of the conspiracy to kill Hitler by his own officers. Tom Cruise stars as the German Colonel Stauffenberger, who spearheads the plot. Well written, acted, and directed - with a big cast.

4 - The Manchurian Candidate (1962) An American is brainwashed into being an assassin for a Communist regime.

5 - JFK (1991) The plot to assassinate Kennedy is examined. Dir. Oliver Stone.

6 - The X-Files (1998) The government is covering up an alliance with aliens.

7 - All the President's Men (1976) The Watergate scandal and its cover-up are examined by two reporters.

8 - National Treasure (2004) The conspiracy to hide the Templar Treasure is uncovered by two life-long conspiracy theorists.

9 - Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier (2014) The government conspires to create havoc, wars, and terrorism to force the US public to accept government control in the name of "safety". This is Bush and Cheney's wet dream.

10 - The Parallax View (1974) A reporter, investigating an assassination, discovers that a multinational corporation is behind every major event in the news. He decides to go inside the corporation.

11 - Total Recall (1990) A man is convinced that fake memories are real by an organization trying to hide something from him

12 - Enemy of the State (1998) Gene Hackman, Will Smith. A smaller scale conspiracy to cover up the death of a senator for political reasons.

13 - The Bourne Identity (2002) Matt Damon. A CIA agent's own agency is plotting against him.

14 - Flashpoint (1984) A jeep found buried in the desert leads two border guards to clues about the JFK assassination.

15 - Eagle Eye (2008) A plot to control two people into carrying out a terrorist plan.

16 - The Insider (1999) The big tobacco companies have conspired against the public for years. They are untouchable because of their money, power, and corrupt influence.

17 - Firestarter (1984) based on the Stephen King novel, a secret government agency is experimenting on people to create new weapons, such as psychic and pyro-kenetic abilities.

18 - Antitrust (2001) A corporate antitrust plot.

19 - Nixon (1995) A movie about the Watergate scandal that implies Nixon's knowledge of a conspiracy to assassinate JFK

20 -Seven Days in May (1964) The US military plots to overthrown the government when the President signs a peace treaty with the Soviet Union. The conspirators fear this will lead to a Soviet sneak attack.

Bonus movies about conspiracies:  

North by Northwest (1959) and other spy thrillers often make it on Conspiracy Movie lists, but these are clearly "spy movies," and I've no idea why they are placed on lists of conspiracies in movies.

The Arrival (1996), They Live, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers all involved conspiracies to take over the planet, but since they were alien conspiracies carried out without anyone's help on Earth, we'll file those under sci-fi invasion flicks.

36 Hours (1965) Nazis convince an American he's awake from a coma, the war is over, and he is now in a US Army hospital. They build a whole fake town in a scheme to get him to spill military secrets. A conspiracy of Nazis against Americans is probably more of a War thriller. Regardless, it's a highly recommended film!

The Best Conspiracy Movies as recommended by Top2040.

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