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Top 10 Songs for the 4th of July

Independence Day Songs for America, celebrating the 4th of July in Pop and Rock. 

For your fireworks mix CD, here is a list of the best pop and rock songs for the 4 th of July, some tunes for America's Independence Day celebration. It's been a rough 200+ years since the start of our young country, so let's turn up the volume and roast some marshmallows.

1 - Young Americans -- David Bowie (1975). He's from the other side (UK), but his song hits hardest and loudest. It's always been one of my favorite songs, with just the right upbeat tempo. Young Americans starting out new, building a great country. They'd have a bumpy road ahead with loads of mistakes, but it all works out until the beginning of the decline in 2001. It was a good 225 year run. God Bless.

2/tie - Freedom -- George Michael (1990). Freedom symbolizes the freedom from the English crown. And a bloody good song as well! (That wasn't George's original meaning, but... works here)

2/tie - Philadelphia Freedom - by Elton John

3 - We're an American Band by Grand Funk Railroad (1973). This songs has always a great "4th of July" rock song over the years. Superb cowbell !

4 - On the 4 th of July -- James Taylor. A nice acoustic song for the occasion.

5 - Volunteers -- Jefferson Airplane was one of the greatest American bands, who sung about Americans in many anti-war songs. Volunteers was one of my favorites. They were patriotic Americans singing for the common man.
"We are volunteers of America"

6 - American Woman by the Guess Who. Nuff said.

7 - Ventura Highway by America. I felt the need to include one song from the band who named itself after the nation. "Ventura Highway" is about hitting the road to find your fortune "out west," which is the philosophy that started this country out.

8 - Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen (1984). Bruce is the all-American guy we love to love. I became a fan when he refused to allow the Republican party to use his song for their presidential campaigns. Good for you, Bruce. While everyone else is "selling out" to car commercials, you're not.

9 - Paths of Victory -- Bob Dylan. For the victory over the blimey red coats in 1776.

10 - Miss America -- Styx (1977) from the immortal album "The Grand Illusion," this heavy guitar piece capped off our tribute to America's Independence Day.

We would like to include "Song for America," by Kansas, one of the best songs by a great American band, but it's really more about the native Americans than the 2 nd lot who gained independence from the British. Nonetheless, let's give it an honorable mention.
"Firework" by Katy Perry gets a 2nd honorable mention.

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Enjoy the fireworks, listen to these 4th of July tunes, be safe and don't get burned. The 4th of July sung in songs are best played loud.

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