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Songs for Bastille Day and the French Revolution

A mix of songs for Bastille Day in July, which commemorates the French Revolution's start with the storming of the Bastille in Paris, July 14, 1789. The royalty's head went rolling, and the people woke up. Here are the Top 20 rock songs for Bastille Day, to make a mix tape for your celebration.

Top2040's list of revolutionary songs.

1 – Bastille Day by Rush. An obvious top choice. The songs rocks out, and the deserves another listen. So we're marching to Bastille Day, the guillotine will claim her bloody prize...

2 – Revolution by Chris DeBurgh. A compelling song, it really captures the heart of the occasion.

3 – Killer Queen written and recorded by Queen, from their 3rd LP: Sheer Heart Attack

4 – Revolution 9 by the Beatles

5 – Margaret on the Guillotine by Morrissey

6 - The Queen is Dead by the Smiths, for when the French monarchy lost its heads

7 – Queen Bitch by David Bowie

8 – People Got to Be Free by the Rascals

9 – French Kissin' by Debbie Harry

10 – Head over Heels by the Go-Gos, because Marie Antoinette's head... well, it went rolling.

11 – Paris is Burning by Ladyhawke

12 – Tour de France by Kraftwerk

13 – Birthday Cake by Rihanna “Let them eat cake!”

14 – Maria, Maria by Santana

15 – Freedom by Jefferson Airplane

16 – Give the People What They Want by the Kinks

17 – To Paris with Love by Donna Summer

18 – Castle Walls by Styx

19 – Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution – recorded by the Black Crowes

20 – Revolution Rock by the Clash, to round out our song list for the falling of the Bastille

Bonus Track:  "Louie, Louie" by The Kingsmen, for Louis XVI

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And there you have it, a short and sweet list of “beheading” tunes and French Revolution rock songs for Bastille Day the 14th of July. Enjoy the music.