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Scariest Kids in Horror Movies

Horror cinema is filled with bad children. Kids are scary when they want to be. That's why the babysitter mortality rate is so high. Well, that and the serial killers out there.... Babysitters are under-appreciated defenders of evil.

When kids go bad: the top 20 scariest children in the movies at Top2040:

1 – The Omen (1976) Damian was the worst child in movies. Being the son of the devil was his biggest fault. Scary, emotionless, calculating, and evil.

2 – The Bad Seed (1956) A 8 year old girl is a terrible liar, and may be a ruthless killer.

3 – The Exorcist (1973) Regan was bad little girl, no doubt. Possessed and head-spinning.

4 – Children of the Corn (1984) based on the Stephen King story. Isaac gets the award for worst kid in this movie, but all of them were pretty demented. Malachai is a close second.

5 – It's Alive! (1974) The creepiest deformed baby I've ever seen, and with sharp teeth.

6 – Joshua (2007) this child is smart, spooky, and want more attention. Chilling performance by Jacob Kogan.

7 – Sleepaway Camp (1983) This time it's a kid and not a counselor or serial killer who is causing all the trouble at the summer camp. But which kid? Best plot twist ever.

8 – Halloween (1978) Young Michael Myers at the beginning of the movie is cold, but most of the movie is about him as an adult.

9 – The Orphanage (2007) Simon's masked friend Tomas is very eerie

10 – Village of the Damned, made in 1960 and remade in 1995. Freaky kids on one small town!

11 – The Good Son (1993) Cauly McCulkin is not as sweet as he was in Home Alone, is he?

12 – Rosemary's Baby (1968) Another baby born of the devil.

13 – Friday the 13th (1978) In the first movie Jason was just a kid. He wasn't as bad as a child as he was when he became an adult. But he did give us the best surprising fright of the first film.

14 – The Shining (1980) Those twin girls were just plain creepy!

15 – Wicked Little Things (2006) Children of the undead.
16 – Carrie (1976) She isn't a child, but as a young teen she's pretty messed up. Actually it's her classmates that rank as evil.

17 – Pet Sematary (1989) When young Gage is brought back from the dead, he ain't so lovable anymore. Here's a tip, when it doesn't go well for the cat, back from the dead... don't try it on the kids! 

18 – Juon The Grudge (2002) Korean film. That is one scary kid.

19 – Mikey (1992) not a balanced child, but he does have a slingshot, and later a bow and arrow.

20 – Child's Play (1988) Chucky is a doll. Does that count as a child?

Best unseen kid:
The Changeling (1980) we only see his wheelchair, but Joseph is scary as hell! Stars Trish Van Devere and George C. Scott.

Honorable Mention: Creepshow (1982) Didn't you think the kid in the opening and closing credits was evil? (played by Stephen King's real life son)

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Think twice before you offer to watch those scary neighbor kids. Enjoy your horror movie marathon about children.... creepy kids!

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