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Top 20 Songs About Magic

Magic and mystery have always been a big part of rock music. It's not hard to find hundreds of songs written about the inexplicable, the power of enchantments and magic works.

Here are the Top 20 songs about Magic:

1 – Oh It's ... Magic by Pilot (1973), a staple of the 70's radio airplay from a 2-hit wonder out of Scotland.

2 – You Can Do Magic by America (1982), another memorable magic song, this time by by a long-running band, America, with a string of top hits.

3 – The Magical Mystery Tour by the Beatles, nuff said.

4 – Strange Magic by ELO Electric Light Orchestra went to the top of the charts.

5 – Magic by the Cars … good song, but one of the strangest music videos.

6 – Do You Believe in Magic? Recorded by the Lovin' spoonful in the '60s.

7 – Crystal Ball by Styx

8 – It's a Kind of Magic by Queen

9 – Black Magic Woman by Santana, smooth and enchanting.

10 – Magic Carpet Ride from Steppenwolf

11 – Abracadabra by the Steve Miller Band. An old song, making a recent re-appearance in the “Burt Wonderfield” movie.

12 – I Put a Spell on You by Creedence Clearwater Revival (and previously by Screamin Jay Hawkins)

13 – The Wizard by Black Sabbath

14 – Magic Man by Heart

15 – The Magician's Birthday by Uriah Heep

16 – Spellbinder – Foreigner

17 – Spanish Castle Magic – Jimi Hendrix, who also recorded “Voodoo Child”

18 – Witchy Woman by the Eagles

19 – Magic by Olivia Newton-John, and Xanadu fits here too.

20 – Magic Bus by the Who, round off our mystical list. Although I think this song was more of a “plant” type of magic

Honorable Mention: “Optical Illusion” by Al Stewart

So there you have your magical list of top Magic Songs. No incantations were used in the making of this song list.

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