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Top 20 Songs About Ships and Boats

Ships sailing on the open seas, always conjure up inspiration for songwriters. Here are the best pop and rock songs about ships, shipwrecks, sailing, and boats. It's interesting, our top 2 songs were among the longest songs ever to top the charts. Songs about ships just need time to tell, I guess. The top 20 hit songs about Ships and Sailing:

1 - The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzerald by Gordon Lightfoot.  Based on the true story of the ship that went down in a storm over the Great Lakes.  This song went to #1 in 1976, and was a mainstay of popular radio for the whole decade.

2 - Come Sail Away by Styx.  We would expect a good sailing song from a band named after a river. This one hit the Top-20 on the Billboard charts and stayed there forever back in the late 70s. Does anyone not remember this song?

3 - Downeaster Alexa by Billy Joel, about a fisherman's boat; an old song that appeared again in a couple of recent movies.

4 - Wooden Ships by Crosby, Stills & Nash … and also recorded by the Jefferson Airplane

5 - The Crystal Ship by the Doors, a smooth sail from the 60s psychedelic era.

6 - Ship of Fools by World Party, a great song from the 80's MTV decade.

7 - Whaler's Dues by Jethro Tull, along with Seal Driver

8 - Sailing by Christopher Cross, a big hit song that reached #1 in 1980.

9 - Point of Know Return by Kansas, from the concept album of the same name, sailing to the point of no return.

10 - Sail Away, Sweet Sister by Queen, from "The Game" album

11 - The Tall Ships by Magnum

12 - Ship to Shore by Chris de Burgh

13 - Longer Boats by Cat Stevens

14 - Ship Ahoy! by the O'Jays

15 - Rowing by Soundgarden

16 - The Wounded Whale by Fairport Convention

17 - Boat Drinks by Jimmy Buffet

18 - Ghost Ship by Blur

19 - Ships by Ian Hunter, the former Mott the Hoople singer

20 - Sail On by the Commodores, a top-20 song before Lionel Ritchie left.

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Now set sail on the open seas with your mix tape on deck - no pun intended. Hoist the anchor, play these "ship songs" for the high seas.

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