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Top 20 Songs About the Color Red

Red rock songs! Red is the color of passion, anger and rage, so it's wonder so many songs have been sung about the color Red. Red is the color of love, some say. In that spirit, here are the top 20 rock songs recorded about the passionate color of red! 

1 - Red Rain by Peter Gabriel. It hit #1 in 17 countries, and why not? Gabriel is a genius.

2 - Little Red Corvette by Prince, a big hit by a red-blooded American who was a talented songwriter - whom we all miss.

3 - I Saw Red by Warrant. Leader singer, Janey Lane, wrote this after finding his girlfriend in bed with Bon Jovi's guitarist Ritchie Samboro. True story. He was so angry, he penned a classic.

4 - The Lady in Red by Chris DeBurgh, one of the most played songs of 1986

5 - Red Rubber Ball by Cyrkle - a 60s bubblegum smash!

6 - 99 Red Balloons by Nena, an 80s German pop rocker

7 - Rasberry Beret by Prince. You see, it's the kind you find in a second-hand store, and it's red.

8 - Red Red Wine by UB40

9 - Red Barchetta by Rush

10 - Red by Taylor Swift

11 - Red Blooded Woman by Kylie Minogue

12- Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

13 - Cherry Bomb by the Runaways

14 - Little Red Rooster by The Rolling Stones

15- Redbone by Childish Gambino

16 - Open Up the Red Box by Simple Red (of course they would have one!)

17 - Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secure by the Arctic Monkeys

18 - Red Storm by Styx

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19 - Red Lipstick by Rihanna 

20 - Red House by Jimi Hendrix

Honorable Mentions / Bonus Tracks: Red Light by the Strokes; and Red Hill Mining Town by U2

Marooned by Pink Floyd? Hmm, we don't think they meant the color maroon, but we'll give it to them because ... well, Pink!

Nothing by Redbone or 80s band Red Rider? No, but there are others we missed. These are simply the top of the pops for Red Songs.

That's the hot red round-up for red tunes.

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