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Top 20 Songs about War and Military Conflict

Songs about war have spun through the years, almost as common as songs about love. With so much saber rattling going on these days, invasions are always a bad thing, it's time to compile the top 20 songs about war, military conflict and invasion. War told in song. The songs are good; war is not.

1 - War (What is it good for?) by Edwin Starr ... tops our list of war songs. It's iconic and unforgettable.

2 - Fortunate Son by CCR  Creedence Clearwater Revival, a protest song about the war draft.

3 - War Pigs by Black Sabbath

4 - Fight from the Inside by Queen. Ogre Battle would also fit here, no?

5 - Volunteers by Jefferson Airplane, another war protest song

6 - War Child by Jethro Tull

7 - Dogs of War by Pink Floyd, the band can also include The Postwar Dream

8 - Eve of Destruction by Barry McGuire

9 - Veteran of the Psychic Wars from Blue Oyster Cult, appeared on the Heavy Metal soundtrack

10 - Act of War by Elton John

11 - War Paint by Rush

12 - Civil War by Guns n Roses

13 - The Battle of Everymore by Led Zeppelin

14 - Masters of War by Bob Dylan

15 - Living with War by Neil Young

16 - The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down by The Band, about the US Civil War

17 - Sunday, Bloody Sunday by U2, about the wars/conflict in Northern Ireland

18 - The War Song by Culture Club

19 - "19" by Paul Hardcastle. The average age of a soldier in the Vietnam War was 19.

20 - Billy Don't Be a Hero by Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods (and later by Paper Lace), now that's a blast from the past! It was #1 on Billboard in 1974.

There you have it, the hardest rocking war songs on the charts. Rock on, rock steady but give peace a chance and check out the flip side post for that. War songs are only half the story.

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