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The Most Annoying Pop Songs of All Time

 Some songs soar to the top of the charts despite their annoying chorus or off-key jingle qualities, and later we wonder why. Some are so annoying we have to change the station when they hit the radio, and we cringe when they appear in a movie or on a social media channel. Prepare to cringe. We had a tie for the most annoying song at the top. Not only the worst songs, these songs go a step further — we'd rather rip our ears off than year them again. These are the most annoying songs ever to hi the Top 40 Billboard charts or top streaming list:

1 - Barbie Girl by Aqua (1997) Possibly the most annoying song ever written. It grates on the nerves. A top-20 hit that defies taste.

1/tie - Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) by Beyonce (2008) tied for worst song. Well, there aren't many words to this one, but at least they are sung in an annoying monotone with no hook or feeling. Over and over again... until you drive a spike through your head. Yikes that's bad, but it did make the Top 20. Go figure.

2 - Wannabe by the Spice Girls (1996) I tell ya what I want what I really really... yaahhhh! I really want you to stop this song! Please.

3 - The Streak by Ray Stevens (1974) a novelty song that wears thin really fast.

4 - Dance Monkey by Tones & I (2019)  Really? People are vapid enough to download this? It hit #1 in streaming and that's the real shocker here.

5 - Valley Girl by Frank Zappa really doesn't take long to make you cover your ears.

6 - Mickey by Toni Basil (1981) it sounds okay at first, but then... grows old fast.

7 - Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 - nothing to excite the ears here. Monotonous. No talent, no thanks. Next!

8 - Disco Duck by Rick Dees (1976) - actually his band was called "Rick Dees & His Cast of Idiots." It was a #1 song and it really doesn't age well.

9 - The Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. ugh. Really? Few chord changes, no rhythm, so soul, um... come on, Ed, you can do better. Boring.

10 - Who Let The Dogs Out by Baha Men (2000). Can't hear it again, just can't.

11  - De Do Do by the Police (1980). Dedodo, de-dadada, uck. Another by the Police that's annoying: Don't Stand So Close to Me Want to know the lyrics? You just read them, and they get repeated over and over and over and over.... The Police were never great with lyrics but these two grates on the nerves. No, thank you.

12- Ice, Ice, Baby by Vanilla Ice. Yeah, it's the ripoff factor and the rap that ruin this song.

13 - Abcdefu by Gayle.  "Bad from the first verse." Downer, such a downer. Make it stop, please.

14 - Tukoh Taka, Bang Bang or almost every song by Nicki Minaj. (wince) Make it stop, please. Remember the days when songs had to be, well... songs.

15  - Yummy by Justin Bieber. Not so yummy to hear. It gets old. The Biebs can do better / did better in his younger years. Come on, Biebs!

16 - Thank You Next by Ariane Grande, or... any song by Ariane Grande 

17 - I Like to Move It by Will.i.am - Most of his songs are good, not this one. Or maybe it's good but grows old way too fast?

18 - Oops I did it Again by Britney Spears. Nuff said.

19 - You Light Up My Life by Debbie Boone. It was a #1 hit for seven weeks. Too much sap. It's slow and syrupy and makes you want to jump off a ledge.

20 - Shake it Off by Taylor Swift. Extremely unpleasant to hear. Why do so many people like this artist? There's a big w/t/f factor there.

Bonus cut: Happy.

Honestly, how many of you are sick and tired of Happy by Pharrell Williams? We bet most of you are. It has become annoying. A simple song that could use a few lyrics to help get you through it. It's more of a mosquito than a song.

Hey Ya! bv Outkast... we can do without at this point.

Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana comes close. It's irritating to the brain and ear. Not musically great, either. Overrated.

Songs by The Weeknd just missed the list. They are not all annoying tunes, just very bland and uninspired. No need for them, they clutter up the song-space.

If you like these songs, good for you. Just please don't share the volume with your neighbors. Rest assured, they don't like it.

Filled with monotony, repetition, and childish jingle qualities, more like old TV commercials than songs. These are the most annoying pop songs that became famous despite their "ugh" factor.

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