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The Worst Inductees to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

There have been a lot of inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (or so-called) or rather into the ridiculous institution that pretends to be a Rock and Roll HOF. Many of these make no sense, but then the HOF is all about making money and has little to do with R&R. However, ten inductees stand out as the most ridiculous. Keeping in mind that solid performers like Jethro Tull, Iron Maiden, UFO and the Sonic Youth have NOT been invited yet. Below are the most laughable silly inductees in the Rock and Roll HOF that make no sense and have destroy the HOF's credibility, the most inappropriate inductees:

1 WORST - Rage Against the Machine (pause to laugh). Really? Set to be inducted in 2023, this band might be called a 1-hit wonder, except they didn't really have ANY hits. One single peaked at #69. They had little to do with Rock (more of a thrash hip/hop mix), and their catalog of sounds (not really music) is very small. Why are they invited to the party?

2nd WORST - Nirvana. Come on! They are a 1-hit wonder that put out very little material, all of it grunge (NOT rock and roll), and literally none of it musically important. So, you can have 1 song and be a Hall of Famer? A head scratcher.

3 - Weezer. Um, no. small contribution to music and not really super  rock. We love them, sure, but they don't belong in the RRHOF.

4 - Madonna. While she certainly has had an impact on music, and on music videos, she has not done much for rock music. It isn't the Pop hall of fame, is it?

5 - Randy Newman was a piano man who wrote soft melodies from adult contemporary or soft disco. Why is he in any sort of Rock hall?

6 - Kiss. No real talent, they are more of a costumed side-show act, a Vegas act or big-tent show, but not rock. Only one hit, and that was a ballad. Nah, they don't belong in any HOF except maybe for a circus.

7 - Metallica. Laughable. Low on talent, heavy on guitars overlaid on poorly written lyrics. Bottom line, they aren't bad as far as garage bands go, but... come on. They have no place in any Hall of Fame.

8 - Run DMC - yeah, where's the rock? And only 2 hits. Not a big catalog in any genre.

9 - Public Enemy. Another hip hop band with little impact on any music, let alone Rock. WTF?

10 - Linda Rondstadt. She is great, sings like a bird, BUT she is a country singer. Why is she in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Also note that The O'Jays are a funkadellic pop band. No rock in there, and only 2 hits to boot. Gotta like the O'Jays but... why were they inducted in Rock?

We love some of these acts, and that's a fact, but they do not belong in a rock or a roll hall of fame, even a fake one such as the laughing stock in Cleveland, Ohio.

Keep in mind that so many deserving rock artists have NOT been inducted into the RRHOF. Motorhead are not in the Hall of Fame, and neither are UFO even with a vast library of albums. 

Styx, REO Speedwagon, Boston... all these great ROCK bands are not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

And the biggest travesty: no induction for Jethro Tull despite 50 years of music, over 30 albums and 11 top-20 albums, including 2 that are on the Billboard Top 100 of all time. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a silly institution of fools. The board of directors hates rock and has a beef with most rock artists, including Tull, Iron Maiden and Styx. Isn't that like starting a cat store if you hate cats?

Hope you enjoyed the list and realize this was all for fun. No one actually takes Cleveland's so-called Rock and Roll Hall of Fame seriously. Peace out!

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